Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another Report Of Directed Energy Weapons Being Used To Attack A TI Within Their Own Home

The following is a post that was listed on the abovetopsecret.com forum. I have listed it here because I have not only read of others experiencing what this person did, I have also experienced it first hand during the Summer of 2003, when the FBI/NSA/DHS surveillance of myself went from being covert to overt. In my case I was laying in bed early one morning when the bed began to shake, levitate and then drop to the floor.

While I could not see how far the bed had been raised off the floor I would guess that it was at least a few inches in the air from the impact that I experienced when it hit the floor.

I am also well aware that directed energy technology is very powerful and have read of at least one instance where it was used to flip an automobile completely upside down. The following is the account of another TI who reports a similar experience with the phenomenon of electromagnetic weaponry being deployed against them within their own home.

This anonymous post is in response to ATS thread:


"My bed's been shaking for the past few weeks now - I dont know what it is or could be. Quite freaky actually....

I would wake up in the middle of the nite on many occasions to the bed shaking. It's not a violent shake - more like a big vibration. Only the mattress seems to move. The shaking seems to stop after a few minutes. The first few times I've been woken up by it i've felt quite drowsy and i've assumed it was muscle spasms or something. But I came home one nite late and still being wide awake, I lay in my bed and it started shaking.

I got off my bed and put my hand on it and it was still shaking... Thinking it was just my body, I put my hand on my desk, my chair and they weren't shaking. There's nothing around my bed, and I lock my door at nite when I go to sleep so its not someone playing a joke or anything.

I can narrow it down to my bed now.

I look around the room carefully each time it happens but see nothing. For the past week, it's happened pretty much every nite. The strange thing is, it always seems to happen around 2:45 to 3am. From then on, i can't get back to sleep properly anymore. It's starting to really annoy me, especially since I work in the office (it's not a good look to yawn continuously!).

I'm trying to find out how to stop it... or an explanation for why my bed's shaking.

Btw.. it's only my mattress that shakes - the actual bedframe doesn't move."
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