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My Post In Response To Article On Gloria Naylor's Account Of NSA Harassment Entitled 1996, Is Blocked

I was reading a brief article which commented on author Gloria Naylor's book "1996," which recounts her harassment as a mind control target of the National Security Agency (NSA). Given that I am also a target of the NSA's, I wanted to post a comment supporting Ms. Naylor's efforts to promulgate this disturbing information. I noticed that even though the article had been posted for quite sometime there were no comments listed. And now I know why.

When you leave a comment at the site you are supposed to register.

However, my registration information never made it to my email account so I was unable to leave my post. This is typical of how those attempting to support the efforts of other TI's (those who look to expose government use of electronic warfare on themselves and others) are routinely hampered from doing so by those looking to prevent the public from learning about these directed energy weapons, and how they are used to torture us.

I did save my post and listed it below. I did so for the same reasons that I maintain this Website, the focal point being that the National Security Agency is engaging in the some of the most illegal and outrageous practices ever recorded, regarding its use of satellites and super computers to electronically track and access the thoughts of American citizens who are of interest to either the NSA, FBI or other Intel agencies.

As Americans we all have a right to privacy and what the NSA is doing here is for lack of a better term outrageous. Especially when referring to how the NSA is illegally deploying this technology to manipulate the minds of those being targeted, for non consensual cover research and human experimentation in the way of remote electronic forms of mind manipulation.

In doing so the NSA has crossed the line from civil rights violations into that of gross violations of human rights. And its Hitlerian practices are now firmly illustrative of some of the worst human rights crimes ever documented. The criminal practices that this New World Order spy agency is engaging in are responsible for destroying not only any sense of physical privacy that the American people have, but also any privacy regarding our own thoughts.

US Intelligence has become the modern day version of the Nazi empire that as Americans we have come to despise. They operate without any responsibility for their revolting behavior while the US Congress shows no interest in ending such crimes against humanity. To spy on people for decades on end while invading the privacy of our homes as well as thoughts is not only despicable, but also a covert attack on the freedoms of every American citizen (as well as those who the NSA and other NWO agencies are spying on in other countries).

Is it any wonder that the term Orwellian (in reference to George Orwell's novel 1984) is now being used to describe what the people within the United States (and in numerous countries abroad) are experiencing at the hands of the NSA and other agencies that represent outright oppression?

Agencies which abuse their satellite technology to go on conspiratorial open ended fishing expeditions in efforts to destroy the lives of those they target. That the FBI is in large part responsible for such atrocities only serves to make this situation even worse, since it should be investigating such crimes against the American people and the United States instead of orchestrating them. When one speaks of the FBI they must always be aware that COINTELPRO looms within its darkness.

Moreover, anyone who has paid close attention to how the FBI really operates understands that like the NSA it is nothing but a criminal organization which has served to obstruct justice, by covering up the real evidence in the attacks on 9-11; all in efforts to protect those who perpetrated them. And this makes those within the hierarchy of the NSA and FBI guilty of High Crimes Of Treason.

Of course they are covering up for these criminals. Investigating them would take time away from the NSA and FBIs' "satellite voyeurism" where these filthy Nazi maggots use their technology to watch us shower, use the toilet and have sex. Yeah, like there's a hell of a lot of terrorism going on within the bathrooms and bedrooms of the American people. Yet that hasn't stopped these agencies from spying on us within the privacy of our own homes -- something that they are eventually going to pay a very heavy price for, through the complete loss of the power that they presently have access to -- authority that they have routinely and wantonly abused. How do you punish tyrants? Take their power base away from them so that they are no longer able to use it to attack others.

I have no difficulty in saying that the federal agents who have spied on TI's in the aforesaid ways are the scum of the Earth, and have earned the eternal wrath of the global population.

The one aspect in all this that I can guarantee is that those of us who are being targeted so viciously will fight back to the death if necessary to expose these ruthless miscreants for the Nazis and frauds that they are. This is already happening across this continent. And our Brothers and Sisters from other countries are helping our efforts, given that many of them are not affected by the brainwashing of the US Media, so they understand the grave situation that the American people are now facing under this government and those within the New World Order who have subverted it for their own means -- even though most of the American people continue to remain unaware of it.

The following is my post regarding the article covering Gloria Naylor's book which documents her harassment as yet another NSA mind control target:

I find it difficult to believe that no one has commented on Gloria Naylor's book, even if only to discredit her. I for one not only believe her, but have also been targeted for the same type of harassment for nearly three decades.

There is no doubt that the NSA is behind the attacks on me and has in fact subjugated me to a life in which my privacy has been violated in ways so outrageous that they nearly defy belief. However, I have had myriad experiences as an "NSA Satellite Prisoner" in addition to having my thoughts electronically stolen from right out of my head, as well has having their own thoughts electronically implanted within my subconscious. I have also been physically attacked by these technology as well as "electronically raped" by it, as have so many other TI's.

There are an ever increasing number of victims taking to the Internet to articulate these crimes, which are for the past part the result of classified electronic warfare technology being illegally conducted by US Intelligence and the Pentagon.

Unfortunately, this is why TI's are not being helped by their local police or the FBI -- which both quietly sanction these crimes. Even contacting your politicians will be of no consequence as those who are in on what is happening know to stay out of the situation. And even those politicians who attempt to help are quickly scared off by those taking part in these attacks.

Entire communities are employed in these attacks in efforts to drive the TI's to suicide, all because US Intelligence can't afford to have us testifying against them in court. If this is allowed to happen the truth about this satellite based and deployed mind control technology (much of which is being done at the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland location) will become acknowledged by the media as the juries in these precedent setting cases, will themselves disclose the content of such trials. And remote neural monitoring will become a common buzz phrase within the US Media, which will result in the most treasonous scandal ever recorded.

This is why John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA has never been heard, and why former NSA agent Russell Tice was prevented from telling what he knew about the NSA's illegal spying. We have not heard publicly from either of these men since they attempted to alert us to what the NSA was illegally doing in its COVERT MONITORING OF AMERICAN CITIZENS by way of satellites and super computers. We have not heard from them because what the NSA is covertly doing in monitoring us in such ways is an outrageous violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments to the US Constitution (as well as several others including the 6th, 7th and 8th Amendments).

However, word is gradually getting out about the New World Order's use of the NSA to mind control the entire population in this country through its use of satellite based remote neural monitoring mind manipulation technology. And as it continues to it will eventually result in a revolution within the United States, as the American people awaken to this precedent setting betrayal of their privacy and trust.

Please see my Website to learn more about this technology.


James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner
US Government Target For Non Consensual Cover Research & Human Experimentation
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