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More Unpleasant Truths About The FEDS Use Of Spy Satellites To Watch Americans Within The Privacy Of Their Own Homes

An excellent article describing the degenerate voyeurs that the FEDS and their Illuminist leaders are. They can expect a challenge on this particular issue like nothing they have seen before. These FEDS are nothing but degenerate peeping Toms satisfying their depraved sexual perversions at the expensive of the American public. And they are eventually going to pay a very heavy price for it -- first in a complete loss of credibility and then suffering the retribution of the American people once they find out how these maggots have spied on them within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms -- something that is so common in this country that it would shock the average American to learn of it.

Spy Satellites
Policing US Cities
By: George Feigley,

The feds are now releasing high resolution video, photos and other sensitive data from super spy satellites to local cops. If the cops (all of whom are crooked) are getting the information that means that big corporations, the mob and others with bribe money and "connections" (such as the Republican party) will have it too. Up till this time sophisticated satellites spied only overseas on our "enemies" and potential enemies (meaning the whole world alienated by Bush). Now they're watching you, too.

Using very powerful advanced technology these satellites allow local cops and others to see real-time, high-resolution images and data. The system called "MASINT" allows cops to see not just streets and exteriors, but to look into your homes, businesses and gathering places; into every "private" corner and activity.

These are not just spy images of a few criminals, or of a few genuine suspects. These are images of everybody, all Americans in their beds, their bathrooms and going about their perfectly private affairs. The cops and others can now "see" body heat and activity even through concrete, forest canopies and clouds. In theory, they can identify an individual, a car or an activity. Using reflected laser technology, they may be able to actually eavesdrop on some sounds.

Using the MASINT system, your local cops and everybody they share with or sell to, will know who mom's inviting in for breakfast while pop's at work. They'll see who's shopping where and what the kids are doing at school. Michael McConnell, Bush's boss of domestic spying, revealed that the system likely violates the Posse Comitatus Act and all standards of privacy, but it lets officials and Republicans watch their personal enemies.

The feds are getting away with this invasion of everybody's privacy by using a typical cover story. They say the spy satellites will guard against those dreaded demons, the "illegal" aliens and the phantom "terrorists." In reality, the satellites will watch everything from you mowing your lawn and removing your trash to if you're repairing your driveway or are having sex in the suburban motel with that girl from work.

Americans have become such complete pussies, that they give up their rights, their liberties and their dignities for "security." It isn't security, it's the government and big business farming you like gnus in the zoo.

We all know how accurate the feds' spy system really is from how it performed overseas. In Iraq it thought it had found nuclear bombs, "weapons of mass destruction," chemicals and where the Iraqis were. It was wrong. It couldn't even find the government officials Bush had decided to hate. The system got it all wrong.

The same thing will be happening in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Looking for a kidnapper/bank robber, the spy satellite squad will pinpoint soccer-moms and teens in lovers' lane and the grandma struggling along with her walker. If you use the toilet, you better wash your hands, the local hand-washing cops are using a battery of satellites to spy on you.

At work, some husband with corporate access to the spy images and information will be watching his wife entertaining "a friend" in what she foolishly thinks is the privacy of her bedroom. Lady, the cops are looking at you right now!, right through the roof. They know if you're dressed or wearing perfume or drinking up the best gin or the family stash of grass.

In theory, criminals and would-be criminals will be on camera, but they're hardly the most interesting subjects for cops, blackmailers and big business. As the system operators brag, the spying applies not just to criminal law, but also to civil law. That means suits. The guys who stickup the Mini-Mart can be followed as they speed to their hideout, or the pervert who flashes Nana in the mall can be watched as he scurries into the restroom, but the real use for such an invasive system won't be the aliens, the flashers or the stickup men. It will be the cops' wives, the Republicans' rivals, big business' competitors, customers and employees. The spy videos will be of you! Who can big business track, harass or embarrass?

Put it this way, if you had access to such a spy system, what would you be watching? an armored car's route? a motorcade? the way your enemy gets home from work? when his home is deserted? where women are jogging alone? who your husband's seeing for a long lunch? what?

There are a lot of things, in fact, most things which are nobody's business. In America, ever since the crazy Christian Puritans, we've been a nation of busybodies. And we always have excuses to justify our snooping. The real reason is that we fear they may be having more fun than we are. All Christian Americans know how bad fun is.
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