Thursday, October 04, 2007

Some Topics That Americans Will Never See Being Discussed Within The Mainstream Media For Obvious Reasons

The Federal Reserve Bank & IRS Frauds -- As Well As The US Congresses Role In Perpetrating These Crimes To Defraud The American People Out Of Trillions Of Dollars Since The Federal Reserve Act And The 16th Amendment Were Illegally Created In 1913.

The Role Of America's Wealthiest Families In Hitler's Rise To Power During the First Half Of The Twentieth Century, & The CIA's Smuggling Of Nazi War Criminals Into The United States To Work For The CIA And NSA After World War II.

The US Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex's Role In The Creation Of Biological, Chemical And Electronic Warfare Which Has Been Covertly Deployed Against Myriad American Citizens Since The Second Half Of The Twentieth Century

The US Intelligence Community's Use Of Mind Control Technologies (MKULTRA -- Psychotronics etc.) To Covertly Control The American Population Through The Use Of Brainwave Entrainment Technologies For The Illuminati's Emerging New World Order One World Fascist Government

The US Intelligence Community's Many Covert Plots To Subjugate The American People Into The New World Order's Fascistic Ideology Under The Pretext Of Protecting Them From The "Bogus" War On Terror -- When In Reality The Real Focus Of These NWO Terrorists Is The Destruction Of The Freedom Of The American People And The Rest Of The People Of The Proletariat On This Planet

The NSA's Use Of Satellites And Super Computers To Illegally Spy On And Remotely Monitor And Influence The Brains Of The American People As Well As The Global Population -- Something Which Is Already Occurring On A Very Large Scale Within The United States Alone

The Use Of Religions As An Adjunct For Social Control Of This Planet -- The Greatest Deception Of All

The Abject Denial By The Human Global Shadow Government Regarding The Existence Of Extraterrestrial, Non Human Terrestrial, and Inter dimensional Beings Which They Interact With, While Advancing Their Own Technologies Well Beyond What The Population On This Planet Is Familiar With
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