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Tracking EMF Fields With SQUID Technology & Its Use In Remote Neural Monitoring & Manipulating The Human Mind

"Those who utilize directed energy weapons to electronically rape the minds of their victims while torturing them are complete anathema. The fact that they also perpetrate smear campaigns in which to destroy the reputations and relationships of those they target, while also orchestrating further acts of psychological warfare in efforts to force their victims to commit suicide, relegates these monsters to a fate worse than eternity in hell."

Superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDS) are attached to specialized satellites such as those operated by the NSA and Department Of Defense, to track the subtle electromagnetic fields which are given off by the brains of the citizens whom these agencies are interested in spying on. According to former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei, every American citizen has a unique bio electrical frequency that can be picked up by these satellites through the use of SQUID technology, enabling the NSA to track them 24 hours a day without their knowledge or consent.

What is the NSA (oftentimes at the request of the FBI) doing using its spy satellites to go on "open ended" fishing expeditions of American citizens? Unless the NSA can demonstrate to the FISA secret court that the person in question is associated with "an International terrorist group," the NSA has no right to be spying on ANY American citizen for one second.

Its charter strictly prohibits it from doing so.

And since when is the FBI allowed to investigate persons of interest in situations where no federal crimes have been committed? The FBI has no legal jurisdiction within the individual states unless it can prove that a "federal crime" has been committed. Other than that it is up to the states themselves to look into any possible crimes that are not "interstate" related.

What one must also wonder is when certain FBI agents have their own personal vendettas to wage under the color of law, if they don't look for reasons to entrap a person who is committing no crimes -- in an interstate offense -- so that the FBI can then open a legal investigation on that person. If the FBI is doing this and then colluding with other parties in order to do so, it would certainly constitute fraud on its part as well as a criminal conspiracy to deny the targeted person their civil rights.

We routinely see the FBI getting involved in situations which are not of a federal nature; something it has no right to be doing. Still more disturbing is that when crimes that the FBI does have jurisidiction over occur-- such as organized stalking crimes which routinely cross state lines -- the agency flatly refuses to get involved. And those who report these crimes to the FBI also report that their harassment only grows worse after doing so. A strong indication that the FBI is in some way actually involved in the orchestration of these crimes.

Still worse is that Akwei has stated that the NSA has the individual codes to the bio electrical resonances of every American citizen within its computer database, which means that the NSA can track any American within a moment's notice, simply by accessing these individual resonance codes and then locking onto these unique electromagnetic fields to record the activities of the Americans being targeted.

This is nasty technology which enables the NSA to tap into our individual electromagnetic fields and become a permanent part of our lives without our knowledge or consent. Once having done so, the NSA can see what we do, hear what we say, and know what we are thinking no matter where we are, 24 hours a day. We have absolutely no privacy. This is why John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA is of such great importance, as are the testimonies of any persons who can corroborate what Akwei himself has documented regarding the covert spying and mind control experimentation that the NSA is engaging in. That is why this Website is so important as are any others which document the abuse of such human rights violating technologies.

Furthermore, when utilizing SQUID equipped satellites, NSA cryptologists are not only able to see the targeted persons real time, but also what the people themselves are seeing through their own eyes -- the result of the NSA being able to tap into the visual cortex portion of the targeted person's brain.

This is done to numerous TI's including myself 24 hours a day, and is not only an outrageous invasion of our privacy, but also that of every person with whom we come in contact. One need not be a genius to understand the privacy implications here when it comes to the physical relationship between spouses and lovers. The violations of such spying are precedent setting and cross the line from serious civil to human rights issues.

Given what John Akwei has revealed regarding the NSA's spying ability, one may also conclude that at least theoretically, this means that it is possible (given the NSA's state of the art computers and satellite tracking systems) for the NSA to track all 300 million Americans simultaneously while recording their activities and thoughts for the rest of their lives.

It is also clear that this technology is being used to steal the ideas of those being targeted (the intellectual property) before it is even written down. Can you see the lawsuits years from now when people who have had ideas that would have made them quite comfortable financially, electronically stolen from right out of their own minds. I have already read of many mind control victims who have complained about their intellectual property being stolen from them in such ways, while used to make those who did so wealthy.

There is little doubt that US Intel uses their satellites and remote neural monitoring technology to help themselves to the ideas of any persons whom they find of interest, all without leaving the slightest trace of evidence that a serious crime (what I have coined as "satellite based hacking of the human mind") has been committed.

While there is no way to know if the NSA is watching every person in this way, it is clear that the New World Order needs such a tracking system in order to keep tabs on every person on this planet. And the NSA's satellite based remote neural monitoring spy system offers the NWO an excellent starting point for doing so.

While there is much talk of implanting the American people with RFID chips, I believe that in certain respects this is to obfuscate what the NSA is doing with remote neural monitoring technology. However, since RFIDs are also tracked by way of satellites, they will most likely be used in conjunction with Remote Neural Monitoring technology, yet in all probability have other functions which may well enhance RNM's capabilities. Something that's for certain is that these technologies have been designed first and foremost for tracking purposes and to enslave the citizens of this planet; citizens whom the Illuminati run New World Order see as nothing more than herds of cattle to be utilized as they see fit.

It gives you a really warm feeling doesn't it? Sort of like the Nazi doctrine of Adolph Hitler being reincarnated into the minds of millions of people who see the 21st Century as their time to finally come into power. And unfortunately with the way things are progressing, before too long the rest of the population may well find themselves at the mercy of these monsters.

The following is a well written article on SQUID technology and some of its applications:
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