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At Least 25 Americans Have Been Acquitted On Charges Of Tax Evasion -- Should They Now Be Concerned With Being Entrapped By The FEDS?

Given that the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank are still smarting from the fairly recent acquittals of at least 25 American citizens on charges of tax evasion (simply because a jury could find no law which makes them liable for paying a tax on their wages), one must wonder if the FEDS will quietly set these people up for some type of Sting operation in efforts to imprison them, so that their assets can be seized.

This on top of the fact that many of these people went through their entire life savings to afford legal representation in order to defend themselves from the charges which were wrongfully brought against them.

As ironic as it may sound, and regardless of how criminal the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank are, they still see these 25 Americans as having gotten away with a crime by not paying extortion in the way of a tax on their wages to the IRS.

It would be very interesting to have the names of each of the people who have been acquitted of tax evasion so that we can see if a pattern emerges in which they are again arrested on some type of trumped up charges -- something I would not at all be surprised to see happening in the future.

The FEDS are first and foremost schemers. And they plan their crimes against us very carefully, in some instances taking years in which to wait for one of their entrapment schemes to unfold. In cases where they are not dealing with legitimate criminals they will seek out the NSA to electronically track a targeted person by way of satellite to put together a dossier on that person.

A dossier so complete, that they will not only record what the person does physically, but through the use of specialized computer equipment remotely monitor the person's brainwave activity so that they can record the targeted person's thoughts 24 hours a day.

This is by far the most outrageous violation of the 4th and 5th Amendment to the US Constitution ever documented, and proof of just how badly the NSA and others within US Intelligence are abusing their spying powers. What these agents have done here is not only an outright disgrace to human rights, but also a precedent setting and treasonous abuse of any person being targeted for such inhumane treatment.

And I have little doubt that any person whom this government has an interest in is monitored by the NSA's satellite spy system 24 hours a day. I also believe that Ed and Elaine Brown were remote neurally monitored by the NSA and that it may have played in role in how they were ultimately arrested.

Given that FEDS do wage personal vendettas against many of the people whom they illegally target for COINTELPRO style tactics, anyone who has been acquitted in a case in which they were setup by the FEDS should expect that the harassment will not end there. The FEDS are trained to be predators and their actions are indicative of this.

As such, I would advise any of the 25 people who have been acquitted of tax evasion charges to keep a vigilant watch in regard to what is occurring around them, and to make certain that any paperwork in regard to their outside interactions remains impeccable. While this may not prevent them from being setup on bogus charges, it will make it far more difficult for the FEDS to do so.

People being targeted by the FEDS should be especially aware of the FEDS' use of companies which they regularly do business with. The Insurance Industry in particular offers the FEDS a "golden" opportunity in which to set a targeted person up, by sending reimbursement checks which should go to the providers of such services, directly to the policy holders themselves in efforts to entrap them in embezzlement. A person being targeted for an FBI Sting must be aware of this.

The FEDS may also see to it that these "checks" are sent out after a provider has gone out of business so that the policy holder is left "holding the bag," given that the check which is made out to them can no longer be sent to a company which has closed its doors.

Federal agencies like the FBI are very slick operators, and created this type of situation for me back in the early 1990's. Common sense would indicate that these checks should have gone directly to the service providers themselves as is standard operating procedure.

However if the FEDS want to arrest you knowing full well that you are not going to commit a crime they will routinely use entrapment to do so, clearly illustrating that in such instances their intent is to create criminals. In the late 1980's I was sideswiped by a pickup truck which had been in my blind spot on and off for about 5 minutes, before striking my vehicle. At the time I thought nothing more of this than that the other driver was simply being careless. However after being subjected to a few other auto accidents since that time, I am now certain that this particular crash was no accident, but instead deliberately setup by the FEDS or one of the provocateurs. There have been at least 4 such instances involving myself in the past
19 years.

I later filed an insurance claim with my carrier to cover the damage which was done to my car. While the case went to subrogation and took a year to decide, the other driver was found fully responsible for the accident. Thus my insurance carrier was totally compensated for the settlement they sent me to pay for the damage to my car.

However, the FBI took the opportunity to attempt to entrap me in embezzlement at this time by having this insurer issue me two checks for the exact same amount of money -- one check was sent out a short time after the other. Strangely enough (at least at the time it seemed strange because I had no idea that I was being setup for a COINTELPRO Sting) the insurer argued with me that they could not have possibly sent me two checks for the exact same amount, and claimed that they could not find this information within their computer system.

The person I spoke with told me to just cash the check.

I instead drove over to the insurance company and handed one of their agents the second check while suggesting that they check their computer system for glitches. They then admitted to the "error" (there was no error -- the second check was deliberately to me) and accepted the check back as proof of it.

And this situation can also apply directly to those who have won their tax cases in court or anyone who has defeated the FEDS in one of their entrapment schemes.

As unpleasant as this sounds it is how agencies like the FBI operate.

And in the instances regarding those people who win tax evasion cases, the government now considers that these people have beaten the system (a fascist and criminal system), and that they must now in some way be punished for it. And the government will seek to use any means necessary in which to do so.

Moreover, in my opinion, if Ed and Elaine Brown had actually been acquitted on the charges of tax evasion that they were wrongfully found guilty of, the FEDS would have still sought other means in which to set them up in some crime that they could have been arrested for at a future date. The IRS was not about to allow the taxes on nearly two million dollars of Elaine Brown's earnings to get away from them.

And as the situation stands now, the FEDS are now looking to steal not only the initial money that they claimed the Browns owed them in taxes, but also Elaine's business property, the Browns' Plainfield, New Hampshire home as well as any financial instruments that they have.

Once again, who are the real criminals here? It's certainly not Ed and Elaine.

The Browns are very intelligent people who understand the laws of this country. The FEDS despise such people because they can't lead them around by the nose and fill their heads with the government's New World Order propaganda. We need a lot more people like Ed and Elaine Brown in this country and a lot less like those who make up these federal agencies -- agents who operate with a draconian mindset characteristic of the types of medieval torture that took place millenia ago.

This is the kind of government that we really have in the United States -- one in which the real elite criminals are in control of every aspect of what happens here, while many innocent people end up incarcerated on trumped up charges, because they challenged this corrupt system of government; a government which is barely held together by its rampant criminality and the lies which it's used to cover them up.

Once you understand this, there is no longer any turning back. You will become an outcast simply because the majority of the people in this country are heavily indoctrinated by the ideologies of a society which is ruled by the Illuminist elite -- and their draconian ways of operating. However, at least you understand the true nature of why society in general is such an abysmal failure, concentrating on such superficial aspects of life as materialism and control for ultimate power, rather than focusing on those aspects which are far more important.

If you understand this you are already light years ahead of most people.
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