Monday, October 08, 2007

ACLU Requests FOIA Documents Regarding US Intelligence's Use Of FMRI Brain Scanning Technologies

About two years ago I sent an E-mail to the ACLU in regard to John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, describing not only how I was being targeted by the NSA for illegal satellite surveillance as well as mind control torture by way of its remote neural monitoring technology, but also my concerns that the NSA and other government agencies may have been using this technology to remotely access the minds of any ACLU employees who were of interest to the US Federal Government and the Bush Administration.

Since the attacks on 9-11 the FBI has the ACLU on its terrorist watch list as it does other organizations which challenge the pathetic status quo in this country including Greenpeace. I know that someone at the ACLU received my E-mail because at the time I was using my AOL account to send this information and it enabled me to see whether or not the E-mail had been opened by the intended party. It was.

So I have no doubt that in some way my E-mail was a motivation in regard to the ACLU's request for documents on the NSA's satellite based remote neural monitoring technology, which was filed only months after I sent them the aforesaid E-mail. However, I seriously doubt that their FOIA request will enable the ACLU to obtain the information that they are looking for, since this technology is classified by the NSA under radiation intelligence (or at least it was at the time that John Akwei filed his lawsuit).

However, being denied this documentation (or at least any meaningful aspects of it -- the FEDS may toss out a a few pieces of disinfo to appease the ACLU) should only further spark the interest of the ACLU given the outrageous invasions of privacy that this technology represents -- especially when the Bush Administration is now allowing the FBI to apply the term terrorist to virtually anyone in this country, even when it is clear that these people have no ties to terrorist activities.

Those of us who are being attacked in such ways are for the most part a thorn in the side of this criminal government, which is the real reason for the attacks on us -- especially since we have no ties to terrorist groups or their activities. This government has no right to be spying on us within the privacy of our own homes; nor does it have a right to electronically access and manipulate our minds, regardless of its fraudulent reasons for doing so.

It is also clear that we are being slandered by agencies like the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security while being denied our right to due process of law. The legal system in this country has become completely overwhelmed by the US Intelligence community and its hi-tech weaponry, which is only go to cause it further credibility problems in the future. It has become clear that under the Bush Administration, this government has been completely subverted and is now a major threat to the freedoms of every person in this country.

We are being subjected to non consensual cover research and human experimentation, which is illegal. And those within the US Federal Government who are perpetrating these abhorrent crimes against us should be tried before an International War Crimes Tribunal for High Crimes Of Treason against the American people.

Any government agency which denies their citizens their right to due process of law is guilty of a serious criminal offense under the color of law statues. And any government agents who place Americans under satellite surveillance in which we are spied upon within the privacy of our own domiciles are disgusting refuse who should be tossed into the prison system so that they can experience the types of violations that they have caused us day after day, month after month, year after year. REFUSE!

More info. on the FBI's FOIA request regarding RNM technology.
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