Sunday, October 07, 2007

FEDS Coopt TI Group Into Harassment

This is so typical and one of the reasons why I avoid TI groups in the first place --the FEDS' ability to easily infiltrate them and turn TI's against other TI's.

One would think that Most TI's would know better by now, yet their actions tend to prove the contrary.

And many TI's are so angry to begin with that oftentimes they will attack other TI's simply because they make for an easier target than the organized stalking groups who are omnipresent and impossible to escape.

I have also found that in most cases these groups tend to be very cliquish and oftentimes serve as nothing but further harassment for other TI's who are looking for support yet instead get further abuse.

Be especially careful of the so called Christian groups who oftentimes are nothing but hypocrites who are as far from legitimate Christianity as one can get. For all their hemming and hawing about the love of God, many of them are an extremely poor example of such love, treating those whom they approve of well, and those whom they disapprove of abominably. Those aren't good Christians, they are heavily indoctrinated social climbers who feel that they are superior to the rest of the people on this planet, when in reality they aren't better than anyone.

They should join a country club and be done with it.

As for the FEDS who infiltrate them, they're essentially indoctrinated in the Nazi belief system, so it should come as no surprise that they take great joy in the torture of others. It's what they are trained to do -- sick bastards that they are.

And as for the smugness of those TI's who receive some sadistic sense of enjoyment in harming other TI's, they're no better than those who they blame for perpetrating crimes against them. Hypocrites one an all and a waste of time to those who are truly attempting to help other victims of these brutal and senseless crimes.

People like these should only reinforce a legitimate TI's determination to not only expose the extent of these crimes but to also document how easily these organizations are co opted by those whom they are attempting to expose.

And perhaps the saddest part of all is how most are simply spinning their own wheels in efforts to move forward to pass new legislation to end the crimes of organized stalking and mind control, when it has become quite obvious that the people who are involved in these crimes, including the US Federal Government, have no intention of letting new laws stop them from continuing to do what they do, since they don't even obey the laws that we presently have.

All those of us being attacked can do is to document the atrocities that we are being subjected to for historical purposes, as most of us will be dead from this torture long before any human rights actions are taken.

Actions which I suspect will occur sometime after the next civil war in the United States, which will probably come about as the result of a tax revolt. At the moment, the emergence of the New World Order is far too strong to prevent any meaningful human rights legislation from being passed. And even it was, the NWO's control over us would make such legislation nothing but useless pieces of paper.

George Bush is a tyrant who has an appetite for torture and murder which he has proven time and time again. And so do his Illuminist masters who feed his ego while encouraging him to perpetrate such despicable crimes.

This entire government is complete and utter BULLSHIT run by a pack of frauds who routinely violate the US Constitution while citing specific laws which serve their own
EVIL purposes in efforts to hamstring the American people.

The sad truth is that the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds have a much better chance of causing significant changes in this country simply because they hit people in their wallets. And the reality is that for most of these people as long as they are not be attacked, human rights issues are several notches below their economic ones.

Another painful but realistic aspect of the current society.

However, when a civil war eventually takes place in this country, and painful as it maybe that this must occur, the restoration of a legitimate Constitutional Republic will also bring about the end to fascistic nightmares like the FBI and NSA, as well as other cancers to individual freedoms. Yet there will be much bloodshed in order to achieve these freedoms -- history and the dark side of human nature have taught us that this is always the way.

And even Mohandas Gandhi learned the hard way that civil disobedience does not work with tyrants, who only exploit such peaceful means of attempting to bring about change for their own personal agendas.

If Gandhi had been targeted by the FBI for his civil disobedience, he would never have remained alive for as long as he did. Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the FBI would have found a way to murder him simply because of his attempts to make meaningful changes in his country.

Truthfully, I am tired of worrying about a world that is completely out of control and just seek to find my own sense of solace for as long as I am forced to remain here. Fourteen consecutive years of torture have taught me that the United States Federal Government is as evil as any to have gone before it. And that as a result of this, this country is an abject fraud.

Society is an abysmal failure heading in the wrong direction. And the fact that those of us who are being tortured by directed energy weapons are forced to endure this nightmare while law enforcement encourages it, is just further proof of this.

We have a beautiful planet that we are destroying by the day. And the common mindset is to slaughter animals who have as much right to be here as humans do, while humans complain about how badly they are being treated. An irony in and of itself.

As for the FEDS, they are all scum. And they despise those of us who know what they are, yet have no fear of them. They are truly what you scrape off the bottom of your garbage pail. And even after a civil war in this country and the elimination of such oppressive agencies, it will not be long before they surface again and the entire cycle begins anew.

Given all of the above, becoming an Island onto oneself is looking better all the time.

As for the FEDS, I don't give a damn where they go (including to hell where they belong). They are nothing but Nazi refuse who have helped to destroy what was once a great nation. And that, whether they like it or not, will be their legacy.

And given their attempts to entrap me for the past 27 years, anytime they want to show up at my front door to settle this face to face, they can feel free to do so. We both know that I will end up dead in the process, however we also know that I never acknowledged and will never acknowledge them as anything but the criminals and monsters that they are. I have done my job in exposing them as well as corroborating John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, and take great satisfaction in having done so.

I have also learned of the real reasons for why this country and for that matter the rest of this planet are in the deplorable shape that they are. I have learned of the mainstream conspiracies and lies and of those who proudly pat eachother on the backs while perpetuating them. These miscreants are the reason why nothing ever gets better for most of the people on this planet. They are the reason why there is such poverty; they are the reason why there are wars. They are the reason why there is such pain and suffering.

They are truly a waste of time and a waste of life. And that will be the legacy of the Illuminati -- those evil and greedy scoundrels whose obsession for control led not only to the corruption and destruction of humanity, but to themselves as well.

Curse every damn one of them.
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