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The Anthrax Scare & The Mysterious Death Of Dr. Don Wiley -- A Case In Which The FBI Again Looked To Obstruct Justice

"These Guys Are Professional Liars Who Have Raised Selective Memory Loss To An Art Form."

-- EcoActivist Judi Bari On FBI Agents

Most Americans remember the anthrax attacks through the US Postal System shortly after 9-11 which killed *5 people and injured 17 others. Many may also recall Dr. Steven Hatfield, who was wrongly sought out by the FBI as the anthrax mailer, which used the US Media to destroy Hatfield's career. Even though the FBI never found any proof linking Dr. Hatfield to the anthrax mailings, they never exonerated him with the American people, which has prevented him from ever being able to return to a normal way of life. The FBI has destroyed the lives of more Americans in this way than one might imagine, including the late Judi Bari, who is quoted at the beginning of today's post.

* Source Wikipedia

One must wonder if Dr. Hatfield had not in some way threatened the status quo in this country and as such been deliberately targeted by the FEDS, even if he was never considered as a legitimate subject for the mailings.

Of still greater interest is the death of Dr. Don Wiley which was first reported as a suicide and then later as an accidental death. While law enforcement officials in both the States of Arkansas and Tennessee believe that Wiley was murdered, the FBI attempted to clearly obfuscate the facts by saying that Wiley's death was a suicide. How many times has the FBI done this in the past in cases which clearly cried out for further investigations? More than I can remember.

In truth, the FBI has such a history of deliberately confusing the facts is such situations, while suppressing evidence and aiding and abetting the criminal activity within the US Federal Government, that it is surprising that more people have not noticed it. Its absolute fabrication of evidence in its explanation of the 1996 missile attack on TWA Flight 800, as being caused by equipment failure, is one of the more obvious signs that this American version of the Gestapo is looking to obfuscate facts in terrorist cases rather than exposing them.

The FBI's explanation for how Flight 800 met its fate is about as believable as the Warren Commission Report regarding the "lone assassin" theory, pertaining to John F. Kennedy's CIA/Federal Reserve Bank/Illuminati orchestrated murder. Never has a President in this country bucked the Illuminati's status quo as intensely as JFK did by challenging the privately held Federal Reserve Bank's grasp on the issuance of US currency through Executive Order 11110, his threat to break the CIA and his outright disdain for then FBI Director John Edgar Hoover. Kennedy was so much of a threat to all of the aforementioned that they needed to murder him. And the FBI simply went along with this conspiracy knowing full well that its conduct was abjectly treasonous.

Yet the US Media did its job as the CIA's propaganda machine quite well, immediately whitewashing this coup d' etat with a precedent setting campaign to cover up the facts behind the legitimate reasons for JFK's murder.

Facts which to this very day remain unknown to the average American citizen.

And as for the FBI's cover up regarding the attacks on 9-11, Americans are still waiting to see the 84 tapes taken from the video cameras at and around the Pentagon, a number of which could clearly show us exactly what hit the Pentagon on 9-11. However, once again, instead of helping to shed light on a terrorist attack, the FBI continues to confuse the situation by refusing to release this "evidence." It has happened constantly -- the original attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, the Murrah Building bombing in 1995, the missile take down of TWA Flight 800 in 1996, the cover up regarding the crash of Egypt Air Flight 990 in 1999 (appeared to be mind control related based on the pilot's last words), and of course the attacks on 9-11.

The point is that if a fifth grader can arrive at the logical conclusion that the FBI did not do a legitimate investigation into any of these attacks but instead looked to obfuscate rather than elucidate the facts relevant to the reasons for them, what does that say for the FBI?

Moreover, it has become quite apparent that the FBI is as much about legitimate police work as the Mafia is.

And as former agents like convicted felon John Connolly have proven, when it comes to organized crime in America, the FBI is just higher up in the chain of command, with its agents oftentimes working with other organized crime organizations, which are simply lower in the pecking order than the Bureau itself.

And the FBI's cover up in regard to the murder of Dr. Don Wiley is no exception here. The Bureau really does have one hell of a criminal racket going on behind its mask as law enforcement. One of the most skillfully orchestrated and treasonous crimes in US History.

Read more about Dr. Wiley's knowledge in regard to anthrax (he was considered to be the foremost expert on it in this country) and his murder at the following Website:

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