Monday, October 08, 2007

Petition To Alert Jimmy Carter To The Torture Targets Of Electromagnetic Weapons Are Subjected To

The following is another petition being circulated in efforts to reach the attention of former President Jimmy Carter. I believe one has already been sent to him, so at least he may have some idea of what is going on. The form letter below was e-mailed to me. TI's may want to just copy and paste it into their Email browser and add their own name to it. Mr. Carter's E-mail address is listed below. Or you can snail mail it to Tony Clark in care of the Jimmy Carter Center. I did receive a form letter response so at least I know that Tony Clark or a staff member has received the following form letter. The response is listed after it.

October 8, 2007

Mr. Tony Clark
Public Affairs Officer
The Jimmy Carter Center
441 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307

Dear Mr. Clark,

We victims of directed energy weapons & other heinous crimes are in torturous pain. We are from all over the world, not only the United States, but from Australia, Canada, Philippines, India, Germany, etc.

We know President Carter would be very angry if we did not notify him of this horrible circumstance. We are good people!

We are having to endure, but will not tolerate, other of the strangest assaults that are difficult to believe. We know that is part of the plan to keep us silent. Those perpetuating our victimization will say we are "imagining" it. We are NOT imagining the pain and ruin of our lives. This technology is killing us slowly--KILLING US!

Please help us stop this. We need to get the technology and the people doing it stopped!

Please do not let them get away with it another day!

James F. Marino
Targeted Individual And Activist To Expose Directed Energy Weapons Torture Globally

Carter Center Web‏
From: Emory University LISTSERV Server (14.5) (LISTSERV@LISTSERV.EMORY.EDU)
You may not know this sender.
Sent: Mon 10/08/07 10:27 PM

Dear Friend of The Carter Center, Your email has been forwarded to the appropriate staff member for consideration. Because of the large volume of email we receive daily, we are not able to respond individually to comments. However, please know that we will consider your views and requests. We invite you to visit regularly for updates about our ongoing efforts to advance peace and health worldwide.

Sincerely, Web Site Administrator
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