Monday, October 08, 2007

Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown

Since Ed Brown is a Constitutional Ranger of the Second Continental Congress, and given his sacrifices for the rest of the people in this country, why is he not being addressed as Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown? As far as I am concerned, Ed Brown is far more representative of legitimate law enforcement in the United States and of the Democratic Republic that this country was founded on than Marshal Monier and the rest of the thugs who arrested him. These guys are nothing but New World Order mercenaries who are desecrating the Constitution by their violations against it.

From hereon I am referring to Ed Brown as Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown out of respect for this courageous man and for what he may at this very moment being enduring at the hands of his captors.

Given the Bush Administration's encouragement of torturing people, I am very concerned that Ed Brown (if he is even still alive) is being tortured -- either overtly or in a more covert way such as the Diesel Torture that was mentioned on the Make The Website. Diesel Torture refers to the physical and psychological damage that a prisoner suffers when they are driven around by bus while having their ankles being shackled as they are forced to sit still for very long hours.

This can go on for weeks or months at a time as the prisoner is simply driven around without actually being sent to a prison facility. Severe and often permanent damage to the legs and feet often occur as a result of this. A US Congressman by the name of Hansen was subjected to such torture after being wrongfully incarcerated. He suffered permanent physical damage as a result of it. So it is no wonder why we should be concerned in regard to what may be happening to Ed Brown at this time.

By now Ed and Elaine should have been sitting on their front porch watching autumn leaves start to fall, and enjoying the fall foliage which is beginning to take place. Instead, these two decent people who have worked hard their entire lives are now facing the prospect of at least 5 plus years in prison (at that does include the possibility of their sentence being increased substantially in light of the events which have taken place over the past 7 months). What has been done to them is just plain wrong and none of us should tolerate such abuse from public servants or anyone else.

Constitutional Ranger Brown my thoughts are with both you and Elaine where ever you are, wishing you the best possible outcome to the outrageous crimes that you are being subjected to by these criminal thugs. Never have two Americans been cheated by this government more than you both have; a government that has stolen your property and financial assets from you because you refused to be two of its puppets, and helped to expose the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds.

You are two of Americas best citizens and you should always be thought of that way.

The fact that you have been treated as deplorably by this government as you have should raise the conscious of every American citizen as to how grave the situation regarding our inherent and natural rights has become. You have helped to expose this sham of a government like few who have gone before you, and will always be remembered for your contributions in educating Americans about its treasonous deceptions of the American people.

Calling for the IMMEDIATE RELEASE of Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown, Elaine Brown, Danny Reilly, Bob Wolffe, Cirino Gonzalez and Jason Gerhard. Keeping these people imprisoned is a CRIME!

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner
Target For US Government Non Consensual Human Experimentation
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