Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jericho Fire Department Fire Marshal Takes Part In The Organized Stalking Against Me By Passing My Home

One of the many aspects of harassment that most TI's have reported is the use of their local police and fire departments to harass them. This has been a common problem that I have experienced for more than four consecutive years now, and indicative of the fascist police state that George (bloodshed) Bush has subjugated the American people to under the Patriot Act.

Over the past four years, I have witnessed fire department vehicles including several fire engines making fraudulent trips into my neighborhood for the sole purpose of covertly stalking and threatening me within the privacy of my own home. This is being done at taxpayer expense. An even greater issue here is that with so many vehicles being taking for these organized stalking "joyrides," what happens to those people whose homes, businesses etc. might catch fire while these thugs are out harassing me or other TI's who may well live within a stone's throw from myself? From what I have read there are quite a few TI's being targeted for harassment in the State of New York and a few who live on Long Island.

Should anyone die as a result of this, the Jericho Fire Department would be culpable of negligence in their deaths.

As it is, they have recently moved into a brand new $3 million dollar plus facility (which they did not need)while keeping their old (and perfectly adequate) headquarters for storage. What the Jericho Fire Department has done here is typical of the money being poured into this country's new police state infrastructure, in which the police and fire department agencies are being given carte blanche to increase the size of their facilities without legitimate justification for doing so.

About two years ago I wrote a piece in regard to the Jericho Fire Department's new facility (which was angrily denounced by the public), and wanted to know if they are responsible for producing an annual statement showing the numbers of actual fire calls that they responded to in any given year. While I don't know if they are, they most certainly should be accountable for such a statement.

However, I believe that this is something that they have no interest in producing because it would probably indicate that there are far fewer fires within the jurisdiction of the Jericho Fire Department than most of its citizens realize. And that if such information was promulgated, the public would call for a downsizing of the Jericho Fire Department, in efforts to lower the already obscenely high tax structure that the residents in the Town Of Jericho and underlying areas (who fall under the Jericho Fire Department's umbrella) are now forced to pay.

The Jericho Fire Department's behavior in regard to its ludicrous and lavish spending on its new facility is indicative of the New World Order's emergence in the United States. Something that is not going to be of benefit to any one but the Illuminists and their disciples of evil.
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