Tuesday, October 09, 2007

CIA Again Evades Prosecution In Torture Case

A German man who alleged to have been kidnapped and tortured by the CIA has been denied his chance to sue them in court.

"The Supreme Court rejected without comment an appeal from Khaled el-Masri, effectively endorsing Bush administration arguments that state secrets would be revealed if courts allowed the case to proceed."

This is not the same Supreme Court that once ruled in favor of the American people; a Court which protected Americans from the US Congresses attempts to impose an income tax on their wages.

Obviously the two handpicked Supreme Court Justices that George W. Bush appointed to the Supreme Court were instrumental in covering up this situation in efforts to prevent the American people from finding out about how the CIA and Bush Administration are criminally operating behind the scene.

This is yet one more instance in which the CIA has gotten away with serious crimes because of the corrupt Judicial system in the United States and the most corrupt Presidential Administration in United States History.

Everytime that such an injustice takes place in this country the American people suffer a further loss of their credibility while becoming even more hated by our global neighbors; all because of a government that no longer represents our interests, but instead those of a cabal which is looking to covertly destroy us.

See the story here:

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