Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Brown Supporter Shaun Kranish's Parents Visited By Federal Marshals Looking To Intimidate Him

The following post was made by human rights activist Shaun Kranish at his MakeTheStand.com Website. It seems that not only have the FEDS kidnapped Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown and Elaine Brown, they are now also looking to intimidate anyone who is publicly supporting them by using their First Amendment Right to speak out against the atrocity being done to the Browns.

Gestapo Agents Intimidate Ed & Elaine Supporters

"In case you haven't heard, gestapo agents (US Marshals and Treasury Department agents) have been going around, in multiple states (including the state near which your humble correspondent lives), searching for Ed & Elaine supporters, questioning them, AND threatening them with arrest, subpoenas, and similar things.

Most of this has occurred in New Hampshire, where members of the Free State Project have been particularly targeted for harassment and intimidation. It is well-documented in the forums of NHFree.com Two plainclothes US Marshals came to my parents place of business, looking for me, supposedly 'just to talk.'

My parents asked, 'well, why would he want to talk to you?' and received the usual 'well, does he have something to hide?' Nazi response. They asked if I paid taxes, and then if my parents paid taxes too!! Since when do the US Marshals work for the IRS as tax investigators? They also made some reference to the 'militia movement' and 'threats' that had allegedly been made against them or other gestapo agents."

-- Shaun Kranish MakeTheStand.com

* Clearly the only threats being made here are to expose these agents for the fraud that they have perpetrated. They may be despised by supporters of the Browns, however to my knowledge no one is looking to cause these agents physical harm. That would make us as bad as they are, and no one wants that. Perhaps it is their own guilty consciences that have gotten the better of them. They have a lot to feel guilty about, especially in regard to how they have treated the Browns.

I again state my concern for the Browns and in particular, Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown whom I believe is being physically and psychologically tortured by Federal Marshals at this time as retribution for his standing up to them and helping to expose the IRS Federal Reserve Bank fraud, as well as their aiding and abetting of it.

As Shaun said, what we are dealing with here is an American version of the Gestapo who masquerade as law enforcement while covertly perpetrating Nazi style terrorism against the America people -- a terrifying thought.
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