Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Response To A Recent E-mail From The ACLU Regarding New Legislation To Safeguard American Freedoms

"Caroline Fredrickson, ACLU"

RE: Thank you! Can you help flood Congress with calls?

Dear ACLU Representative:

No disrespect meant to the ACLU. I think you are a necessary organization which has done a number of good things over the years. However, you must be aware that many of the laws which are already in place to protect both civil and human rights are being completely disregarded by US Intelligence.

The NSA's use of satellites to illegally monitor millions of citizens simultaneously while remotely monitoring and manipulating our thoughts has been occurring for decades.

Yet no one will attempt to expose this or the fact that the NSA is using these satellites to remotely torture many of us, while our complaints are being uniformly ignored by the US Congress.

Asking for the passage of new human rights laws is fine. However, what good are they if US Intel ignores them, and Congress quietly gives its tactic approval to US Intel to do so?

Any new laws are pointless if they are not respected by US Intel and upheld by the US Congress.

This is definitely happening in the present day and on a scale that would outrage your average American citizen.

Please see the following Websites:

Google: Akwei VS NSA

Google: Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance:

My Website describing my experiences as an NSA target for satellite surveillance and mind control research/torture:

Thank you.

James F. Marino

NSA Satellite Prisoner

US Government Mind Control Target
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