Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FBI Datamining Program Raises More Questions Regarding This Agency's Threat To Privacy

For the American people, keeping the FBI around is an unending an oftentimes brutally painful exercize in futility, as they wait for it to function as a legitimate police force and Constutionally abiding agency. However, in 99 years the FBI has yet to do so. And it is highly unlikely that it is going to alter its behavior in any positive way as a gift to the American people when celebrating its Centennial anniversary in 2008.

Moreover, while Congress continues to furnish it with tons of cash each year (roughly 4 billion dollars per annum at last count), the FBI consistently proves that it is incapable of operating within the laws of the United States while routinely committing extremely serious violations to both the US Constitution and human rights. When the American people are able to consolidate themselves on the issue of the FBI's outrageous conduct, only then will this American version of the Gestapo be abolished. The real issue is how much more abuse are Americans supposed to take from this covertly Nazi agency before they say enough is enough?

Read more on the FBI's latest plans to further invade your privacy here:
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