Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Supporters Of Ed and Elaine Brown Told The FEDS Don't Give A Damn What Happens To Ed Brown -- Call The US Marshal's Office At -- 1 603 225 1632

** There has been an update on Elaine Brown which was listed on Ed Brown's videoblog. However, I am extremely skeptical of what the Bureau Of Prisons is reporting in regard to Elaine's whereabouts, so I offer the following information from the site with the following warning -- caveat lector (reader beware).

"We still do not know where Ed Brown is, but we have identified a way of sending mail and donations - check and/or money order - to Elaine as follows:

Pay to the order of "Elaine Brown BOP Registration # 03924-049"

Send To:

Elaine Brown [BOP # 03924-049]
c/o Bureau of Prisons
P.O. Box 474701
Des Moines, IA 50947

Elaine is located in the BOP's facility in Danbury CT. You/we cannot send mail directly to her - at least according to what we learned when we called the facility today (203) 743-6471

Please continue to pray for Ed and Elaine Brown!"


Earlier today I posted the following, which as far as I am concerned should be considered valid until we have physical proof that Ed and Elaine Brown are in fact alive and not being tortured in any way. I would not take the Bureau Of Prisons word for anything in the Browns' situation given the nature of their case and the crimes that this government is attempting to hide from the American people, regarding the Federal Reserve Bank, IRS and US Congresses conspiracy to redistribute the wealth in this country through an illegal and unconstitional graduated system of taxation.

Several supporters who have called the BOP (Bureau Of Prisons) to find out why Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown has not been processed have been told by prison staff that they "don't give a damn what happens to Ed Brown." Other supporters have reported being cut off, and still others have reported receiving a busy signal every time they try to call the BOP to learn of Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown's whereabouts.

There is also the issue of why no mug shots of Ed and Elaine have been made public, since we should have seen them by now. Why have we not seen physical proof that Ed and Elaine are still alive, having reportedly been captured by mercenaries masquerading as federal marshals on the evening of October 5th?

One would have thought that the FEDS would have been overjoyed to have plastered the mug shots of Ed and Elaine Brown all over the US media. However, if they were badly beaten and their faces showed evidence of this it would certainly be reason enough for the FEDS to have prevented mug shots of the Browns from being taken (or at least shown to the press).

This would also be further evidence that Marshal Monier's statement that the standoff ended peacefully was a complete LIE. How can the situation have ended peacefully as Monier has stated if as he also stated Ed and Elaine did not surrender?

Which is it? Did they surrender peacefully or not? And if Ed and Elaine did not surrender peacefully, how can Marshal Monier say that the situation ended peacefully? There is absolutely no logic to his statements, which should only cause reason for further concern.

There is also the serious possibility given the FEDS' complete hatred of the Browns, that the situation regarding them did not go down as Marshal Stephen Monier has told us. And if this is the case and a conspiracy to mislead the public has taken place here, one must also contemplate the real possibility that Ed and Elaine Brown were not taken into custody on Friday evening of October the 5th, but instead murdered by these mercenaries who are now initiating a mainstream cover up of the facts.

It is also clear that the FEDS would look to put this situation regarding the Browns to bed for once and for all given that every question in regard to them risks further public exposure to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds -- something the US Congress nor the aforementioned criminal organizations can afford to have happen.

Until we have seen actual physical proof that the Browns are still alive, the American people should assume the worst here, and call for an immediate investigation into what occurred at the Browns' Plainfield, New Hampshire residence on the evening of October 5Th, 2007. Marshal Stephen Monier has also demonstrated to the public that he is a liar and as such cannot be taken at his word.

For this reason it is important that we keep pressure on the FEDS and force them to tell us what really happened to Ed and Elaine Brown on the night of October 5Th. If they fail to do so, we should conclude that foul play has taken place and that Ed and Elaine have either been seriously injured or perhaps even murdered, and that an official investigation by an INDEPENDENT TEAM of investigators should commence as soon as possible.

Call the U.S. Marshal's office at 603-225-1632 and demand to see physical evidence that Ed and Elaine Brown are still alive. Tell these officers that as Americans we have a right to know what has happened to Ed and Elaine and that we are NOT going away until we know for certain that they have not been harmed.

US Marshal's Office: 1 603 225 1632
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