Thursday, October 11, 2007

Targeted BY US Intel Or Other Intel Agencies Around The Globe -- These Types Of Abuses Must Be Ended & Those Perpetrating Them Severely Punished

Some of the worst cases of mind control abuse and organized stalking crimes are directed at people who have been targeted by the US Federal Government for mind control research, and attempt to expose what they have been subjected to.

The FEDS are absolutely vicious in such attacks given what they have to lose if this technology is made public on a global scale. They are not operating legally, ethically, or morally, while routinely lying to the American people regarding the nature of their surveillance; surveillance which is not only in violation of the 4Th and 5Th Amendments to the US Constitution, but given the use of torture in such cases, also a precedent setting violation of every human rights laws both domestically and internationally, including the Nuremberg Code.

The FEDS have no recourse for such outrageous invasions of privacy or the use of such types of physical and psychological torture in their attempts to silence such accounts. It is clear that they are going on protracted and expensive fishing expeditions in efforts to perpetrate their own criminal activities.

However, when American citizens must be concerned that agencies such as the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS are using their satellites to spy on them within their own homes, it is clear that a show down is coming and that these agencies are going to find their very existence threatened for the first time in US History.

This should have happened a long time ago since these agencies have perpetrated virtually every crime there is, including torture and murder - both far more commonly committed by US Intel than the American people would ever think.

These government paid mercenaries who masquerade as federal agents are nothing but power hungry abusive rat bastards who derive a sense of pleasure at perpetrating sadistic acts of terrorism against others, while having complete impunity no matter how horrific their actions are. And their actions are horrific.

I say mercenaries because any legitimate public servants who ever committed the crimes that these feds have would find themselves serving lifetime prison sentences.

Tracking people 24 hours a day? Electronically accessing their thoughts by way of satellites? Torturing and raping their minds and bodies? Where the hell did Congress dig these miscreants up? And moreover, who the hell do these people think they are?

Their actions will eventually find themselves paying the price for such abuses, regardless of what pathetic excuses they have used to violate the inherent and natural rights of the people whom they have and continue to attack.

Through their torturous activities they have become despised globally, especially by those of us who continue to be tortured by them each miserable day of our lives -- days made miserable by the FEDS' unquenching thirst for torture and the desire to use myriad forms of such torture in efforts to drive us to suicide.

Moreover, their use of satellites to go on open ended 24 hour a day fishing expeditions for years on end, in which those being targeted are monitored in the most outrageous and precedent setting ways ever documented, will come to an end one way or another.

No one should have to tolerate such abusiveness.

If you are out in society committing federal crimes, then the FEDS have every right to arrest you. However, the minute they come into the privacy of your own home, it is the FEDS who are committing serious crimes. And it is about time that they were held accountable for every aspect of the illegal spying and black bag jobs that they continue to perpetrate in the present day.

Perhaps if the American people spied on these government rat bastards within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms (as they have us), they might finally understand just how terrible what they have done is. However, at the moment it is quite clear that could not give a flying *expletive about it - because they never have to pay for the crimes they commit!

And their use of satellites to aim their directed energy weapons into our homes to further torture us has only made this situation far worse.

These government employed mercenaries who masquerade as federal law enforcement have clearly crossed the line into covert acts of terrorism here. They are nothing but cowardly punks who get their strength from the badges they wear and the fact that they can contact their "bully system" anytime they get in over their heads.

So is it any wonder why they are so damn arrogant? What they display is not courage, but instead a weakness of mind in which they have been programmed to carry out orders.

One way or another, and despite this unparalleled arrogance, they are going to answer for what they have done to us, because they have attacked many of us in such outrageous ways that we have nothing left to lose by exposing them on a global scale -- and will do so even upon the threat of death.
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