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What Is The Real Reason For The NSA Placing A Person Under 24 A Day Surveillance For Decades While Recording Every Second Of That Person's Life?

Terrorist threat as the NSA would have us believe? Even though in my case I have been spied upon for every second of the last 27 years yet have no history of connections with terrorists domestically or globally, and have never been arrested, tried or convicted of any crimes.

This rationale doesn't make much sense at all does it? However the following does.

There is only one logical reason for an American citizen with no criminal history to have been illegally spied upon for this long a time where even their trips to the bathroom were recorded -- Their being covertly used for non consensual cover research and human experimentation under the NSA's radiation intelligence program; a program that sounds benign enough on the surface until you learn of the EVIL intentions contained within this dastardly covert operation.

In the case of those of us who have been targeted for decades by such an illegal government intrusion into our lives (yet have never had terrorist ties (international or otherwise), it is quite apparent that we have been subjugated to the lives of satellite prisoners and targeted covert forms of electronic mind control research.

And as far as I am concerned the "Nazi" agents at the FBI and NSA who orchestrated these crimes against myself (and more than likely many others) should be hanged for their treasonous crimes against humanity.

There is no doubt that this satellite based mind control technology is for real, and being deployed on a global scale with most of the Earth's population remaining largely unaware of it. And as unpleasant as this is fact is, given that many of us are being illegally subjected to it without our knowledge or consent it must be publicly acknowledged before we can bring an end to what is turning out to be one of the most outrageous violations of the Nuremberg Code ever perpetrated against the citizens of this planet.

The Nuremberg Code was established after World War ll in efforts to prevent the crimes the Nazis committed against the Jews from ever happening again.

And while an excellent idea, this piece of legislation has failed to protect American citizens (as well as those from other countries -- including Germany) from such atrocities in the present day, where such crimes are occurring with great frequency and in the last place one would ever expect -- the United States.

These crimes are being perpetrated by Nazi's who have harbored themselves within the US Intelligence Community, while utilizing hi-tech weapons which leave ZERO trace evidence in regard to those who deploy them.

Simply put, these weapons allow these monsters to covertly torture and murder people while never revealing that they are behind these crimes based on electronic warfare.

However, thanks to lawsuits like John Akwei's (See Akwei VS NSA on Google), many people targeted for these crimes against humanity are now aware that the NSA not only has access to these electronic forms of satellite deployed mind control weapons, but is also behind much of the covert mind control research which is being done to the American people (and it appears many citizens from other countries as well).

So is it any wonder why the FEDS are attacking so many of us as aggressively as they are, when they are the ones who are responsible for such treasonous crimes against the US Constitution and the citizens of the United States?

They have a lot to lose if Americans believe what US Government Mind Control Targets are telling them. And that is exactly what is happening, as this government's rampant lies regarding its attacks on us and the covert forms of technology that they are illegally deploying against us, gradually become mainstream news.

People who learn of this technology and research it for themselves soon realize that they have far too much lose if they allow the NSA and others within US Intel to get away with these outrageous crimes against humanity.

This government has made it quite clear through its covert forms of attack that it wants us dead. And from my own experiences, I can tell the readers that the NSA,FBI Gestapo, DHS and quite possibly others within US Intel are doing everything possible to covertly murder any of us who can document these crimes against humanity as I have on this Website.

They keep trying to drive us insane while telling society that we are mentally imbalanced, all while hoping that we will succumb to the stress and commit suicide.

And many TI's have done just that, unwilling to go on for another second under such miserable and inhumane conditions. Sometime back a TI by the name of Darin Smith became so despondent at the torture he was being subjugated to, that he shot himself in the head while driving his car, just to end his pain. This type of intense psychological suffering (and oftentimes physical as well) is common amongst those targeted for non consensual mind control research.

And this is exactly what these psychopathic Nazi government rat bastards want us to do, because it will let them off the hook so that they can continue to torture others in the same ways that they have us. And if we allow them to there will be a lot more Darren Smiths out there who take their own lives simply because this garbage that masquerades as US Intel will torture them until they do.

Which is why this Website and others documenting non consensual mind control research are so critical to the exposure of these outrageous government crimes. Their presence on the Internet is mandatory if this information is to get out on a large enough scale to educate the public who will then be forced to act in concert to end these outrageous crimes against humanity.

In 1991 when former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei filed a lawsuit against the National Security Agency, documenting precedent setting and treasonous crimes that this agency was perpetrating against the American people under its Signals Intelligence Operations, Akwei himself began to experience a similar torture to those whom he had tried to help.

The courts have since refused to hear Mr. Akwei's lawsuit, knowing that it could well mean the end of this government once the American people learn of this technology, and its covert spying and mind control applications to themselves.

In recent times, a former NSA agent by the name of Russell Tice also came forward with serious allegations in regard to the NSA's illegal spying and other aspects of this agency's covert operations. After reporting that he was being followed and harassed by the FBI Gestapo in efforts to intimidate him into not testifying in court, Tice has also now been neutralized. There has been nothing public about him since the Summer of 2006 when the FBI Gestapo was in the process of preventing him from exposing serious NSA criminal activity.

One can only wonder what has become of Russell Tice, however the news in regard to him is probably quite depressing as it is with all Americans who attempt to expose these outrageous crimes of the US Fascist Police State.

Once again and for the umpteenth time, the FBI Gestapo has served to aid and abet the criminals, rather than exposing them.

And anyone who has learned that they have been targeted by the NSA for such research and attempted to expose it publicly will find themselves demonized, subjected to myriad smear campaigns, and subjugated to a life of both physical and psychological torture, just so that the NSA and those who've allowed for such criminal and psychopathic behavior as these agents have displayed can be protected from prosecution, while their clandestine operations remain secret and continue to be propagated from within this criminal element at US Intel.

This has always been the case with American citizens who've attempted to expose the crimes of US Intelligence - especially those which involve classified technology that has been used to both torture and oftentimes murder such citizens.

To put it quite simply, the NSA is both torturing and murdering American citizens through its use of satellite based directed energy weapons, under the cover of National Security. There is no longer any doubt about this.

US Intelligence is attempting to do that to myself at the present time, through the use of myriad forms of psychological warfare, as well as its deployment of directed energy weapons. They can no longer afford to have me around, since my documentation of the attacks being perpetrated against me, and the fact that they corroborate the most important lawsuit in US History (that of John St. Clair Akwei VS the NSA)are now causing them some serious problems.

And since they cannot arrest me for any legal reasons (in spite of the fact that they have been covertly spying upon my person for nearly three consecutive decades (while perpetrating significant crimes against my Family, myself and the US Constitution) they are also continuing to poison my own Family (this goes on weekly) against me in efforts to create a fatal conflict. This is how US Intelligence really operates, violating due process of law while propagating vicious lies about those persons being targeted.

These agents are not only psychopaths, but completely inhuman in regard to how they operate. And history will record their evil and despicable behavior for time immemorial.

Murdering myself or any other TI is not going to change the fact that these agents are truly the most abjectly evil people we have seen since Hitler occupied this planet.

Another extremely unpopular truth that the US Congress will keep from the American people.

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