Thursday, October 11, 2007

FBI/NSA Et Al Of US Intel Use Of Satellites To Remotely Interrogate Targeted Persons

This aspect of US Intel's precedent setting attacks on the US Constitution and the Miranda Laws will eventually lead to one of three changes:

The dissolution of US Intel as we know it.

The complete restructuring of US Intel which will be overseen by an organization completely independent of the US Federal Government (which has proven that it is ineffective at protecting the American people from these hi-tech and predatory criminals).

Another civil war in this country when the American people learn that they have been the targets of US Intel and this technology all along (we have), and that Congress has refused to change the system so that US Intel can no longer get away with such outrageous crimes.

Unfortunately, the third resolution is the likely one, given the Illuminati's control of the US Congress, which has become as culpable in promulgating the lies behind the war on terror as the Bush Administration. In either event, they are both poison to the American people, most of whom are still gradually awakening from their media induced disinformation comas.

The challenge which remains is in the US population's ability to locate its own compass heading before the Illuminati completely overruns them -- an exceptional challenge given the adversity now facing them. The days ahead are going to be rife with the most intense challenges that the American people have ever been subjected to, as the landscape in this country takes on the further appearance of a fascist police state, and the beauty which Americans once took for granted disappears, quite possibly until they win the next civil war -- that is if they win the next civil war which this time around will not be the North vs South, but instead the American people against those Illuminists who through the most nefarious schemes stole their country from them.
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