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The New World Order Government Has Initiated Genocidal Policies To Use Covert Means In Which To Exterminate At Least 2/3rds Of The World's Population

This has been going on for decades on a smaller scale. The AIDS virus which was used to eliminate the homosexual population as well as reduce the size of the African population became a plague in the United States and Africa beginning in the late 1970's.

Many other illnesses which find their man made roots in the laboratories of government agencies are continuing to be created in efforts to dramatically reduce the size of the global population as part of the Illuminati agenda to protect what natural resources are left for themselves.

And it has become apparent that the skies over our towns have become another popular venue for the Illuminati's attack on us with the spraying of many unknown chemical and biological weapons. Recently, a syndrome which has been dubbed Morgellons Disease has become a serious problem in the Western portion of the United States, with more than 50,000 cases having been reported including a number of fatalities.

So why are we not hearing about bizarre illnesses like Morgellons within the mainstream media?

And why have the global media sources remained silent in regard to these chemical trails which surface from the contrails left by jet planes, yet unlike these contrails which quickly dissipate, remain in our skies for hours as their contents lower to the ground and into the air we breathe?

Furthermore, what chemical and biological agents are being deployed against us by way of these contrails? Lyme Disease, Parkinson's? And once again, what about Morgellons Disease which in recent years has become so problematic, that the US Centers For Disease Control has now announced that in the next few months it will begin researching Morgellons in efforts to find the root of its cause?

* From this author's personal experiences as a long time sufferer of the biological agent Lyme Disease, no research that the CDC will conduct is going to have any meaningful effect, given that the CDC is overseen by the very types of government biological/chemical warfare scientists who create these weapons in the first place. Any investigation into Morgellons by the CDC will only serve for disinformation purposes while covering up the genesis of Morgellons (which to this author appears to be some type of hybrid bio/electronic warfare weapon).

As a Lyme Disease activist who began to take part in such campaigns to create a better public awareness of Lyme Disease back in the late 1990's, while defending my Lyme treating physician at a time when an all out witchhunt against Lyme Literate Doctors had begun (the result of a conspiracy by certain physicians with roots to bioweapons, as well as the US Health Insurance Industry itself which was aware that Lyme was a bioweapon that could not be cured, and as such did not want to pay for long-term treatments even if they were helpful in easing the suffering of chronically ill Lyme patients) , I am no stranger to the plight of the chronically ill Lyme Disease patient -- having suffered with this bio weapon since 1993. Moreover, I am also well aware that any attempts that Morgellon's patients make in trying to obtain help from their local and state governments will fall on deaf ears just as they did here in NY back in the 1990's, when Lyme patients contacted the New York State Senate time and time again only to be stonewalled by them.

I have personally contacted many of these politicians and joined campaigns in which to alert them to the serious nature of Lyme Disease. However, most could not be bothered with our plight. And in New York State, Congressperson Donna Ferrara and Governor George Pataki did everything possible to sidestep this situation when they were contacted. I found only two people within NY Government who were actually helpful in promulgating accurate information on Lyme Disease.

And the only one who was directly helpful to me was the former Town Clerk Of Oyster Bay, Fanny Corsentino, who unlike most others in local government here at the time, actually took an interest in learning about Lyme Disease and doing her best to alert the Town Of Oyster Bay in efforts to help safeguard its residents from contracting this biological agent -- although at the time neither of us realized that Lyme Disease was in fact a man made bio weapon, which had been deliberately circulated into the human population in efforts to determine its effectiveness as a biological agent, as well as to gradually kill those whose immune systems were too weakened to fight it.

In fact, while she was in her position as Town Clerk Of Oyster Bay, Ms. Corsentino would consult with me on a Lyme Disease related bulletin that her Office would issue regarding Lyme Disease each year to see if I had any updates.

This would turn out to be especially important one year when she had been told to recommend that citizens living within the Town Of Oyster Bay receive the Lyme Disease vaccine, which as it turns out was extremely dangerous to certain people within the population who had a predisposition to contracting arthritic symptoms from the vaccine.

It was also deemed to be harmful to any person who may have unknowingly contracted Lyme Disease, yet failed to display any symptoms since it was laying dormant within their bodies. In many instances, these people developed full blown Lyme symptoms shortly after receiving the Lyme Disease vaccine, even though they were (at least on the surface) perfectly healthy before having done so.

Even the pediatrician of my own nieces and nephews had recommended their getting the Lyme vaccine. Several years ago, my Brother contacted me about the Lyme vaccine knowing my activism within the Lyme community, and I vehemently objected to the children receiving the vaccine, fearing that it might in some way harm them.

Fortunately, my Brother listened to what I had to say and viewed supporting references that I furnished him with which illustrated that the Lyme vaccine was dangerous and should be taken off the market. Consequently, my nieces and nephews never received it. I only wish that I could say the same for many other children who did, and for that matter myriad adults who also received it believing that it would prevent them from contracting Lyme Disease. Instead, their lives became a living nightmare, when symptoms of latent Lyme Disease surfaced within their bodies resulting in permanent physical damage.

SmithKlineBeecham and Connaught, the manufacturers of the Lyme vaccines were eventually forced to withdraw them from the market for financial reasons -- the reasons being that the Lyme community actively worked to educate the public regarding the dangers of the vaccines, which eventually hurt their sales significantly enough to prompt both manufacturers to remove them from the market.

The public was also never told that several people who took part in the trials of the Lyme Disease vaccine were made seriously ill by it. As a result of this, they were removed from the study; the doctors who conducted the study refused to treat them for their symptoms which became terribly debilitating; and they were never paid the fee that they were promised for taking part in the trial.

Several of these people came forward to call for an investigation into the Lyme vaccine and became extremely outspoken about the permanent damage that it had done to their health. This began the successful movement to have the Lyme vaccine removed from the market -- one of the few victories that Lyme Disease patients have won against this bio weapon and the monsters who created it. You can learn more about SmithKlineBeecham and Connaughts' attempts to deceive the public in regard to the dangers of the Lyme Disease vaccine at the following Website:

As for Morgellons Disease, once again there appears to be plenty of circumstantial evidence that the US Federal Government is behind the creation of yet another bio weapon, and as usual up to no good.

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The CDC's Attempt To Circulate Disinformation Regarding The Cover Up Of Morgellons Disease -- These Patients Are Being Told That They Are Paranoid -- Standard Military Cover For Their Black Operations Including The NSA's Satellite Based Mind Control Programming
Of Which I Have Been A Target For Close To Three Decades:

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