Saturday, October 13, 2007

George W. Bush's National Security Directive 51/Adolph Hitler's Directive 51 -- Essentially The Same Objective -- Global Oppression

A brief but significant piece of video regarding the similarities between Hitler's intentional burning of the German Reichstag building and George W. Bush's attack on the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon. Who did these attacks serve most?

Hitler and Bush, both of whom were able to undermine the Constitutions of their countries under the pretense of protecting them from an outside terrorist threat.

Of course Hitler and Bush had quite a bit of help from those who aided and abetted them in their criminal grab for power. In the case of Adolph Hitler it was industrialist Fritz Thuyssen who relied on many wealthy industrialists like himself from different nations including the United States, to put his protege into power.

George W. Bush is a Rockefeller protege whom they put into power to represent their Illuminist interests. And Bush has not disappointed them, literally decimating the US Constitution through a bogus and protracted war on terrorism which has now encompassed more than 6 consecutive years.

Like any coup d'etat, the attacks on 9-11 served the interests of many people (most of whom Americans will never learn about or their specific motivations), however there were two focuses in particular which the Illuminati needed to have happen in order to put their plan for a one world government into play -- the destruction of the United States Constitution and in its place fascist legislation (The Patriot Act) which can at anytime be used by the President to create a dictatorship within the United States(done with plausible means aka the bogus war on terror, and a plausible reason (the bogus reason of going into Iraq to free the Iraqi people by installing a democratic republic -- we don't even one in the United States so who is Bush fooling by claiming to make Iraq a democratic republic?) for stealing Iraqi oil reserves due to the "Peak Oil" crisis which has put the United States in dire need of finding oil from outside of its own boarders.

George W. Bush, while remaining a complete traitor to the American people as well as global murder and tyrant, has been quite successful in achieving the two aforementioned goals of his Illuminati masters in efforts to help them bring the New World Order to total fruition within the next few years.

The Real ID Act of 2005 which is slated to go into effect just seven months from now will only serve to further the Illuminati's agenda of completely enslaving the American people by way of automated computer/satellite tracking systems in everything that they say, do and think will be recorded by way of supers computers at the NSA and perhaps other agencies operating in a similar vein. As a long-term NSA satellite prisoner, I know first hand that the NSA already has the ability to do this, and has done it to myself while perpetrating the most remarkable invasions of my 4th and 5th Amendment rights ever documented.

If the American people are not concerned about the NWO's emergence in this country, they most certainly need to be for just such reasons as I have laid out here.

An interesting comparison between Hitler's burning of the Reichstag and Bush's 9-11 to turn their countries into fascist police states. Both were successful in doing so and destroying their countries in the process.
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