Saturday, October 13, 2007

Owning The Weather For Military Use -- Some Worthwile Reading For Those Who Have Arrived At The Logical Conclusion That The New World Order Is Real

How many Americans do you think realize that satellite based electromagnetic which can be used for myriad reasons ranging from mind control to weather manipulation not only exist, but are known to the US Congress who not only allow such weapons to exist but be used without Congressional or Judicial oversight?

Perhaps an extremely minute fraction of one percent of the entire US population if that.

So should it come as no surprise to the readers that the US House Of Representatives refused to pass a Bill (HR2977) which would have banned the use of such weapons on an unwitting public? Instead a greatly altered Bill was passed in its place in which much the key technology discussed in HR2977 was deliberately removed from the amended Bill.

On closer examination, exactly what does this say for the people in the US Federal Government, who are supposed to be representing the interests of the American people, if they refuse to ban the US Military/Intelligence communities from using such dangerous weapons on the American population?

I know for a fact that there are many petitions asking that Congress do so because I have probably signed everyone of them. And to date not one has ever been acknowledged by this government. Not one.

It is quite clear from this that the US Congress and the Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex within the United States sees Americans as nothing but surplus herds of human "cattle" to do with as they see fit, while the people in this country help to finance this Government's covert and oftentimes treasonous research which is ironically enough created for use on them.

See the following article to learn more on the Pentagon's (DOD) use of electromagnetic weapons to affect the global weather patterns for their own use. Of course, the government has a standard policy of referring to anyone who is researching the covert technologies that it develops for use against the human population on this planet, as conspiracy theory nuts. However, if one takes a careful look at how this government operates they can only arrive at one conclusion -- it is guilty of the propagation of mainstream conspiracies (not conspiracy theories) against its own people and takes every opportunity to discredit those who attempt to expose its rampant crimes against humanity; oftentimes doing so with extreme prejudice.

Owning The Weather By 2025 - A US Government Plan To Control The Weather For The Purpose Of War

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