Sunday, October 14, 2007

FEDS Now Attacking My Computer Monitor

While the NSA is able to get in and out of my computer easier than I can, they have as of late decided to attack my computer screen which they click as though it were going into degaussing mode. However, it never quite reaches the level that it would when degaussing it, stopping just short of doing so.

For the past two days the NSA has been using its satellite weaponry to make tapping sounds in various parts of my den. They also like to make what I would refer to as a "thumping" sound with my computer monitor in the early morning hours. A sound similiar to what you might here if you flicked your middle finger against your thumb and then into the side of your computer monitor. Perhaps "plunk" is a better adjective to describe the sound.

These perp's also like to target the frames around some of the lithographs that I have and vibrate them. Two weeks ago they did so constantly for an entire day.

Isn't it reassuring to know that this is where Corporate America's tax dollars are being spent?

And when laying on my couch while reading, they began to lightly vibrate the couch to the point where I went downstairs to the garage to see if one of the cars had been turned on. Neither of them were, yet when I went to lay down again the vibrating continued. The NSA can use its satellites and super computers to disrupt the electromagnetic fields of any person or object that they choose to target, while attacking any portion of the targeted person's body.

So is it any wonder why they can wreak such havoc with the the human body, and especially the brain, using the Dosimetry handbook to target whichever portion of the brain they care to in order to achieve the desired effect?

Of course if you attempt to tell anyone about this (outside of those who have experienced it for themselves) they will say that you are paranoid or condescend to you in some way in which you are well aware that they know what is being done to you, yet have no intention of ever admitting to it.

There are those within the US Intelligence community who are so arrogant that they have decided to usurp the role of the grand creator of humanity, by attempting to control it for their own purposes. And this will ultimately bring about their own extermination.

Even for those who were once truthful people, they now lie pathologically in efforts to survive their own nightmare,perpetrated against them by the monsters who harbor themselves within the US Federal Government and its Intelligence community -- a cancer to the rest of the people on this planet.

And this should come as no surprise given that the FEDS are behind most of this technology and will threaten even your own Family to deny what is being done to you, out of fear for their own safety. Being targeted for this satellite technology has become a global problem, with reports of such abuse being recorded in myriad countries around this planet.

So there is no question that there are many of us being targeted by our own governments for mind control experimentation under non consensual cover research and human experimentation. And for this reason the treasonous conspiracy against us is kept under tight control through the use of the abject denial that it is occurring.

Few people if any outside of those being targeted will ever dare speak of what is being done to us under fear that they will either find their own lives being destroyed, or perhaps even be murdered for speaking out.

With one exception, the mainstream US Media refuses to acknowledge that we are being abused is such deplorable ways by the NSA and others within US Intelligence maggot society, and will never risk exposing the NSA for its most outrageous crime against us -- remotely tracking us and electronically accessing and manipulating our minds through the use of their satellite based and Orwellian psychotronic technology.

May those within the NSA and others in US Intel who have attacked us in such ways experience the same outrageous abuses that they have subjugated us to under this nightmarish and Hiterlian hell. May these Nazi scum burn for it.

These rat bastards really are fine tuning technology which will ultimately have complete control over the human mind. They are nothing but hi-tech Nazis who are even worse than Hitler because of their covert ability to sneak up on the population of this planet without its knowledge or consent.

These agents and those who authorized what they are doing to us should be hanged in a public square for this outrage. They are that depraved.

This nightmare also leaves us with the unenviable task of finding meaningful ways in which to expose the NSA as the travesty to humanity that it is, as we face the most adverse conditions imaginable in exposing those who do not want the rest of the people on this planet knowing what is being covertly done to them by way of this technology.

It is truly becoming a battle of epic proportions with those being targeted for this torture doing battle against the monsters within our governments who seek to covertly murder us under the Illuminati controlled New World Order.
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