Sunday, October 14, 2007

Regarding The FBI/COINTELPRO & Its Violations Of The 4TH & 5TH Amendments

"The FBI has spent more time digging up dirt than the entire canine population in the United States. Perhaps to curb the FBI's appetite for doing so Americans should either scratch its belly or throw it a bone."

-- James F. Marino Long-Term COINTELPRO Target

NSA Satellite Prisoner/Mind Control Target

FBI Agents like other members of Intel should not be destroyed as others have suggested, but instead "deprogrammed" so that they can again become compassionate and humane members of society -- something which at present these trained predators are clearly not. However, there are some members of Intel who are so horrible, that they should be removed from this planet. Agents who espouse the same philosophy as MKULTRA orchestrators such as Jose Delgado & Sidney Gottlieb as well as those whom they patterned their despicable acts after (such as Josef Mengele), should be hanged for their crimes against humanity.

As for most of the US Intel community, they are in many ways victims of the same types of abuses that they subject so many of us to, the result of their psychological warfare operations. No normal person can torture people the way these agents do, which can only lead us to one conclusion: they have been brainwashed into doing so.

These agents are themselves victims of psychological warfare which continues to manifest itself in the abject cruelty that they subject others to.
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