Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Directed Energy Weapons & An UnNatural Quiet

Over the past four years (since my harassment went from covert to overt mode) I have oftentimes noticed that during the day my neighborhood will become extremely quiet -- even the wildlife (including the birds) will go strangely silent -- sometimes for hours. Prior to the past four years, I had never noticed such an anomaly with the exception of an impending rain storm in which the wild life being as well tuned in as it is took refuge from the weather.

However I suspect that the quiet that I am experiencing at the present time (which has been occurring for the past few hours) is the result of a remote electronic influence which has affected the wildlife population in the neighborhood. On a topic of similar concern are the loud cracking sounds that I hear late at night which sound as if some of the trees around my home are being hit with directed energy of some kind.

This would also explain why we have lost a number of trees over the past year, including the one I had mentioned sometime ago (which had a strange branch that I had noticed while laying on a downed tree, and that the NSA had broadcast a still photo of the following day on my TV screen -- the first evidence I was given that they were able to somehow see what I was seeing through my own eyes).

Of course all of these activities are done in efforts to drive me to a state of insanity. And why not, given the content of this Website and how it describes a government which is not only a complete lie to its people, but also one which is deploying advanced technology in efforts to covertly destroy the free thought of its own people.

And since any government which has access to satellite based technologies that are capable of attaching themselves to the human body and brain (as the NSA has) are not something that we need or want on this planet, they make Websites like this one that much more of a necessity in educating the public.
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