Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Names Of The Present Federal Reserve Counterfeiting Organization

Current Federal Reserve Bank Board Members

Ben S. Bernanke Chairman and head criminal of the Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting cartel

His cohorts in crime:

Donald L. Kohn Vice Chairman

Kevin M. Warsh

Randall S. Kroszner

Frederic S. Mishkin

The following is the so called term of these "Criminals" who take part in the destruction of the American people by "stealing" their wages from them through an illegal and unconstitutional graduated system of taxation which is based on Communism. As you can see from the below statement, every President of The United States including George W. Bush, has aided and abetted the Federal Reserve Bank fraud since it was first perpetrated against the American people in 1913.

Bush knows that the Federal Reserve and IRS are operating illegally and so does the US Congress, who allowed for the creation of both when the Jeckyl Island 7 bribed a few US Senators back in 1913 to pass the Federal Reserve Act without the required number of votes to properly ratify it.

"The seven members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. A full term is fourteen years. One term begins every two years, on February 1 of even-numbered years. A member who serves a full term may not be reappointed. A member who completes an unexpired portion of a term may be reappointed. All terms end on their statutory date regardless of the date on which the member is sworn into office.

The Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the Board are named by the President from among the members and are confirmed by the Senate. They serve a term of four years. A member's term on the Board is not affected by his or her status as Chairman or Vice Chairman."

If the US Congress can covertly legitimize a criminal organization like the Federal Reserve banking cartel and its BAGMAN collection agent, the private corporation known as the Internal Revenue Service (the IRS is not part of the US Federal Government and neither is the Federal Reserve Bank), what is to stop it from creating even more abominable institutions? The answer is NOTHING at all.

See Aaron Russo's brilliant documentary on the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds at the following Website.

The creation of the Fed and IRS are crimes that the US Congress is not only complicit it, but has kept concealed from the American people since 1913:
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