Thursday, October 18, 2007

The FEDS' Abusive Tactics Are Done To Torture Those They Target In Efforts To Split Their Personalities -- Remote Neural Monitoring Abuse

The mind control operations that the NSA continues to subject me to are so intense and abusive, because they are attempting to split my personality in similar fashion to how the CIA did so with their MKULTRA targets many decades ago. Moreover, there is no question that MKULTRA still exists in the modern day by way of electronic warfare, rather than the pharmacology which was utilized in the early days of MKULTRA.

The modern day version of MKULTRA is being perpetrated by way of satellites which are used to deploy directed energy weaponry at selected mind control targets in efforts to both torture them, as well as manipulate their minds.

The NSA commits these atrocities by way of satellite in order to give it a plausible means in which to deny any involvement in such horrific crimes. There are perhaps an infinite number of ways that the NSA can invade the privacy of your mind, given the complexity of the human brain. The light show in which holograms are used to intimidate the target, and the physical abuse by of directed energy pulsed weaponry are done to consciously affect the psychological well being of the targeted person.

However, the most insidious aspect of this mind control technology is when the NSA implants its own "instructions" into your subconscious in efforts to alter your behavior; sometimes in drastic fashion without your ever being aware that it has occurred.

I have also read of some fairly well respected persons within the mind control/organized stalking community, claiming that it is impossible for the NSA or other federal agencies to be able to home in on the electromagnetic field that the human brain emits, simply because the field is so minute that it is incapable of being tracked by way of satellite.

This belief is completely wrong and whether done deliberately or unwittingly, being used to circulate misleading information. SQUID technology does enable satellites to home in on the most minute electrical fields that exist, which is why they are used by the NSA in its SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE program to target the brains of those citizens whom the NSA is looking to track and remote neurally monitor.

Only when the mind control target begins to recognize that it is US Intelligence that is behind the use of this technology (and as such US Intel deserves no credibility in protecting the American people), will they be on the right track in exposing the real culprits behind their torture.

And while many mind control targets have yet to understand this, they will in time realize the importance of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA in regard to its illegal satellite tracking of US citizens and their subjugation as unwitting targets for remote forms of mind control experimentation.

There is not a single mind control target on the face of this planet who is being overtly attacked as aggressively as those of us who can document the NSA as the source of their harassment. We are a major threat to this agency and its technology, because of its global application with respect to the minds of every living person. What we are talking about is the destruction of the human race as we know it, having had our minds electronically "handed over" to the controllers of this technology -- a very real possibility within the near future, under the New World Order one world government.

And in time, those who are detractors of this information will eventually understand that it is correct, and will begin to promulgate it themselves. Over the past two years, a greater number of mind control targets have already begun to do so.

The organized stalking crimes to which I am subjected only serve as further evidence of this, as they offer an adjunct to the extreme criminal ways in which these government Intel agencies operate. The objective is to either get the targeted person to kill themselves, or to attack someone else so that they can be incarcerated.

If the FEDS fail to drive a target to such a state, their frustration becomes even more obvious as I have experienced, co-opting entire communities into the harassment of the target, while coercing their families to also take part in what should be termed for exactly what it is - a modern day witch hunt against mind control victims who have documented these crimes. And in the case of those targets who can actually identify those who are perpetrating these crimes against them, their harassment increases on an exponential level, as I have experienced first hand.

I know for certain that the NSA is responsible for the electronic warfare being conducted against me, and that this came about as a result of a long-term FBI COINTELPRO Sting being waged against me by an agent named Raymond Migliore -- a criminal conspiracy orchestrated by Migliore sometime around 1980, under the color law -- a federal crime which if convicted of, could land Migliore in a federal prison.

Moreover, given that it was the FEDS who orchestrated this conspiracy, and then went public to demonize me back 2003 when the harassment against me became overt, they can hardly say that they are not involved in attempting to covertly murder me, since they were the catalyst in this entire situation.

Had they not gone forward with such a smear campaign, and I had posted what was being done to me, they could have merely attempted to play the angle that I was delusional, and that they played no role in the attacks on me. However, the FEDS as well as my surrounding community are well aware that they perpetrated a smear campaign against me, and that my complaints are based on factual information, and indicative of these federal miscreants having illegally attacked me for decades.

As a result of this the FEDS are now caught between a rock and hard spot, given that they are being forced to publicly operate completely outside of the law, even attempting to convince the communities in which they are doing so (there are many of them nation wide) that there is now such legislation in place which allows them to get away with perpetrating such terrible crimes against American citizens.

Another complete delusion. All that they accomplished by propagating these falsehoods against TI's is to turn entire communities into groups of unindicted felons, while obstructing justice in the process.

Such agencies, which in my case include the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security have also sent a clear message to the American people, that the rule of Constitutional law within the United States is dead as far they are concerned and that there is nothing that the rest of us can do about it. Of course the FEDS are wrong here.

Their type of arrogance and abuse are why real wars are fought -- not the atrocity over in Iraq, which is nothing but a covert attempt to steal Iraqi oil and to cut the legs out from under the US Constitution.

And while the FBI uses the NSA to spy on Americans within our own homes we should also keep the following in mind: there is nothing these FEDS won't do in efforts to perpetrate their own black operations, including deliberately deceiving the American people if they find it necessary to do so.

These are mind raping Nazi's that we are talking about here, who are attempting to perpetrate their crimes under the cover of a constitutional republic. However, any legitimate constitutional republic would never allow for the existence of agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA or Homeland Security, simply because they function as a complete threat to such republics and the freedoms that they promise their people.

In the case of the NSA, there is nothing constitutional, humane, or normal in regard to using a satellite to illegally track an American citizen, while electronically tapping into their brains for experimentation purposes; something which I know for certain has been done to myself for decades, and fear has been done to perhaps millions of other Americans who have no idea that their privacy and God given natural rights have been violated in such outrageous ways.

However, the NSA's rampant criminal activity and the technology which they have used to perpetrate such deplorable acts, are now unraveling, just like the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds are.

This is what happens when you perpetrate outrageous criminal acts against your own people and then lie to them in attempts to convince them that you have their best interests at heart.

And whether I am alive to see the American people take their revenge against this government for such an abject betrayal of their trust or not, I must say that I don't envy these FEDS for what they are going to be subjected to, as they are forced to acknowledge the most outrageous and treasonous acts ever perpetrated against the citizens of a country, and punished for such despicable cruelty in the ways in which such monsters deserve to be.

And to Raymond Migliore --abject LIAR and torturer:

Any person (or group of persons) who tortures others is EVIL.
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