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Shaun Kranish Talks To Ed Brown Since His Arrest -- Ed Reveals That He Was Tortured For Several Days By The FEDS & Deceived By Another FED Named Dutch

"These people are professional: professional in their cruelty"

--Ed Brown Regarding How The FEDS Have Treated Him

I just finished listening to an absolutely heart wrenching conversation between Constitutional Ranger Ed Brown and Make The's Shaun Kranish, in which Ed tells Shaun that a person whom he thought was a supporter of the Browns -- a Federal Agent named Daniel Farrioli (going by the alias of "DUTCH") -- was in fact a FED working inside all along. Ed also said that he was tasered by "DUTCH" when he came up for a visit (whom Ed and Elaine trusted), and that even though he could have gotten the jump on him, Ed did not want to hurt him. Ed also stated that he did not put up any resistance and that *Elaine was subjected to a very humiliating experience but refused to go into the details.

*Please read what I have written in regard to Elaine's treatment at the end of this post.

Ed informed Shaun that he has been tortured as punishment for challenging the FEDS and that he was being gassed through the ventilation duct of a room that he was kept in for a time (he said the substance smelled something like benzine). Ed stated that he was gassed like this for three days while being left locked in a room -- 5 hours day one/8 hours day two/3 hours day three. Ed said that during this time he was forced to lay on the floor while breathing through the crack in the bottom of the door in order to keep from suffocating, while he pleaded with the guards to let him out of the room.

However, the guards completely ignored his pleas and walked away. He also said earlier in the week that he was stripped naked and placed in isolation for 15 hours, while three people took turns watching him. The FEDS claimed that this was because Ed was under suicide watch -- another bullshit excuse used in further efforts to torture him. What they did to Ed would drive someone to suicide, not the opposite.
Ed also said that the room he was in was quite cold and that being subjected to such exposure for so long a period has caused him permanent physical damage.

Also remember that Ed Brown is now 65 years old.

During his conversation with Shaun, Ed's voice was weak and hoarse from the gassing, and he is suffering from hypothermia as a result of being placed in such cold water for extended periods of time. This is absolutely cruel and inhumane treatment; something we have come to expect from agencies of the fascist cabal that masquerades as the US Federal Government.

Moreover, where is the ACLU in all this?

Perhaps the same place it has been in regard to those of us who have contacted it regarding the classified directed energy weapons' technology that we are being tortured with on a daily basis --a no show.

The ACLU has made such an issue of restoring Habeas Corpus (which allows for those convicted of a crime to be granted a new trial while in prison)which was abrogated as a result of The Bush Administration's 2006 Military Commission's Act - another piece of Hitlerian legislation.

However, several Senators believe that striking down Habeas Corpus is unconstitional (it most certainly is) and have called for a Bill in which to restore it. See the following link for more on this issue:

Of course in our case the ACLU has stayed away because this issue has to do with classified technology. In Ed and Elaine Browns' case the situation involves a mainstream fraud being perpetrated by the US Congress and the privately held Federal Reserve Bank -- its IRS BAGMAN.

So is it any wonder why the ACLU is steering clear of these situations, as they threaten the US Status quo and could bring the FBI crashing down on the ACLU in a heartbeat? As it is, the FBI already has the ACLU listed on its terrorist watch list. However it is the FBI who should be on the terrorist watchlist of every American citizen, given its abject and imminent threat to their freedom. The same holds true for the Bush Administration. If you don't believe by now that Bush and Cheney are the genuine article when it comes to a tyrannical Nazi dictator, then you need to look up the definition of what a dictator is.

The only thing missing from Bush and Cheney are the Swastikas on their lapels.

As for Ed Brown, it is clear that the FEDS want to torture him to death and that is exactly what they are trying to get away with here. We can only imagine how Elaine Brown is holding up during this extremely difficult time. These two people were wrongfully convicted of tax evasion since there is no law authorizing an income tax, and they are being made examples of for those who attempt to do battle with the IRS in the future. However, like the late Judi Bari, no matter what the FEDS do to the Browns, they will become martyrs by the time this is over.

For now, the job at hand is to get them released from prison, and to have a new trial set where they can have their Supreme Court evidence (which was not allowed to be admitted into evidence the first time around) included this time around, which would assure a complete exoneration of both Ed and Elaine regarding the charges they have already been wrongfully convicted on.

Hear the phone interview between Ed Brown and Shaun Kranish at the following link:

Update on supporter Danny Reilly:

Supporter Danny Reilly is not faring very well either, as two judges have now recused themselves from overseeing his case. In fact, according to his Website all but *one of the Judges in New Hampshire have refused to get involved with his case, out of fear that there might be some risk to their lives should they choose to. However the real reason for this is obvious. Without a trial, Dan Reilly can be held indefinetly, without the public ever learning of the facts in his case, which include the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds.

*It was reported that this judge did not actually recuse himself from Reilly's case, however will not be involved in overseeing it.

You can learn more about Danny's case at the link below.

Regarding Elaine Brown's treatment at the hands of the FEDS:

*I refer to the case of *Michael Boren Williams whose six month pregnant wife and two year old daughter were strip and cavity searched before an entire room full of FBI thugs back in 1988, at the request of then Vice President George H.W. Bush, as punishment for Williams' attempt to expose Bush's rampant criminal activity as he was trying to resurrect the campaign of Gary Hart -- who was running against Bush in the 1988 election. This is what the FBI really is -- a secret police force like the former KGB and Gestapo who work behind the scenes to perpetrate their crimes, while the US Congress and DOJ look the other way.

* Read about what the FBI Gestapo did to Michael Boren Williams and his Family here:

The FBI saw to it that Williams' life was destroyed, and even his prior contacts including Hart himself, were so terrified of Bush that they refused to have anything to do with Michael Boren Williams again. He spent two years in Marion State Prison being tortured only to find that the FBI had coerced his wife into divorcing him.

He was also told by Bush Senior to leave the United States or die. Williams has been living abroad ever since in fear for his life, completely alienated from his former wife and two daughters.

This is the type of insanity that continues to occur in this country under the Bush regime, where human rights are completely disregarded, and torture of myriad types deployed against American citizens who are routinely being denied their God given and inalienable rights.

At first Ed sounded almost betrayed as he spoke with Shaun Kranish given that Shaun was responsible for this federal provocateur who went by the name of "DUTCH" infiltrating the Browns' residence. However, I believe that Shaun was in fact duped by this "DUTCH" character(or whatever the hell his real name is) and completely innocent of anything that had to do with the arrest of Ed and Elaine Brown. At the age of 22, Shaun is still a young idealist and still trusting by nature. He'll have to get over that since this is not the kind of world we live in anymore -- if it ever was.

I knew instinctively that whomever the Browns let in would have put them at ease, as that is something that these FEDS are trained to do. They are chameleons who are as natural at taking on the identities of others as they are at breathing. This person named DUTCH was obviously well connected to Ed and Elaine and comfortably lurking at their gatherings as he stalked the Browns and searched for ways in which to infiltrate them.

And this is why it became so easy for him to strike when the moment presented itself -- the Browns were expecting a firefight but what happened? Their supporters were gradually removed from the scene and just the two of them were left, making them much easier targets.

Cirino Gonzalez is perhaps the best example of how the FEDS manipulated the situation regarding the Browns. They convinced Cirino's father that he was in danger (when the FEDS clearly knew that he was not)in efforts to get him to visit the Browns' home, knowing that this would cause a conflict between Cirino and Ed Brown --which it did, resulting in Ed asking Cirino to leave.

Marshal Stephen Monier also promised that nothing would be done to Cirino if he left the Browns, however, when he got home, the FEDS broke their promise to Cirino and arrested him, despite their promise not to.

Perhaps the most creative aspect of the FEDS' covert attack on the Browns was to exploit the fact that they knew Ed and Elaine were not a threat to the community, while utilizing the US Media to portray them as very real threats. However, if the FEDS truly believed that Ed and Elaine were legitimate threats they would never have sent any of their own people to the Browns' residence.

This was a great deception on the FEDS' part.

They saw the children playing and their parents visiting with the Browns and knew that Ed and Elaine were not killers. And that is how the FEDS also knew that they could get to the Browns while avoiding another *Waco or Ruby Ridge -- which would have created another public relations nightmare for them.

*However, I do believe that back in June of 2007, when Danny Reilly was subdued by the FEDS, that he did save Ed and Elaines' life that day, because I do think that the FEDS were on a mission to murder them.

And given that no one else was there at the time, we would have been told that the Browns fired first and that they were murdered in retaliation for it -- The FED's payback to the Browns for standing up to them and helping to expose the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS Frauds.

Furthermore, it is the FEDS' ability to infiltrate activist groups as well as they do, which is why I am so concerned for organizations such as Freedom From Covert Harassment And Surveillance, an online group of men and women targeted for the crimes of organized stalking and electronic harassment, who in my opinion are doing necessary work in exposing these outrageous crimes, yet open to unforeseen and possibly tragic events if they are not careful.

It is also my opinion that this group has already been infiltrated by the FEDS, who are most certainly responsible for much of the harassment which involves these crimes of electronic warfare and organized stalking. I have already mentioned this on other posts in which I attempted to warn the head of this group, Derrick Robinson, that FFCHS has more than likely already been infiltrated, and to be on the lookout for any signs that some of those who are close to him may well be FEDS or their handlers posing as TI's.

This is just common sense given that in every single instance where activists groups have existed in this country, the FBI has always had at least a few of their people well placed within the groups -- people who were well thought of and who were able to easily gain the confidence of other members of these groups.

And sadly, this means that when the FEDS are involved in a STING operation, a target can trust no one -- absolutely no one. Remember that these FEDS don't abide by any laws and can coerce anyone, including your own Family. Read these two sentences over and over again; especially if you are a legitimate TI, because you will be facing this disturbing reality at some point in your harassment.

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