Saturday, October 20, 2007

Video Of "Brainwashed" US Government Soldier Talking About The Depraved Crimes Which He Took Part In Against Iraqi Citizens

The following video is illustrative of how the soldiers in the US Military have been "brainwashed" into believing the Bush Administration's lies about the attacks on 9-11. This one soldier discusses the horrible things that he and other soldiers were doing to Iraqi citizens , while stating his depraved belief that "anyone with a rag on their head is fair game," because of what they did to the World Trade Center.

However, it was the Bush Administration and those within the hierarchy of the US Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex who planned the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers long before they were ever destroyed. The attack on the Iraqi's should be deemed for what it really is "The Second Holocaust," brought about in efforts to steal Iraqi oil reserves, and to destroy them as a race of people, which is exactly what Bush is attempting to do.

What the Bush Administration is perpetrating against the Iraqi people is a covert form of Genocide.
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