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Former IRS Agent/Income Tax Protestor Interviewed On George Noory's Radio Program -- The US Congress, Federal Reserve Bank & IRS Guilty Of Collusion

Sherry Peel Jackson first made her public debut in the late Aaron Russo's documentary: America From Freedom To Fascism (which can be seen in its entirety at the second link). In the following interview with online radio host, George Noory, Ms. Jackson discusses how neither the Federal Reserve Bank nor IRS are operating legally and use intimidation tactics to scare Americans into paying an unauthorized income tax on their wages. In fact she states that they are both complete frauds which are not part of the US Federal Government, and which have been looting America since they were created nearly a Century ago.

She's not the first IRS agent to resign from the privately held corporation either; several other former agents including Joe Banister and John Turner also resigned when they realized that the IRS was operating illegally, and knew that at some point in time the American people would find out about it -- which is now happening.

After going public with this information (as a number of others have) Sherry stopped paying a federal income tax on her wages in 1999. In 2004, her home was raided by 15 agents of the US Treasury -- an agency that the IRS uses in an attempt to legitimize its existence; Ms. Jackson was later charged with tax evasion and is now awaiting trial. Fortunately, she has an excellent attorney who knows the truth about the Federal Reserve/IRS fraud, and who recently successfully defended another income tax protester by the name of Tom Cryer.

*Joe Banister also refused to pay further taxes on his wages and was acquitted on tax evasion charges, when a jury found that he was not liable because the IRS could produce no law which proved that they are authorized to impose an income tax on the wages of the American worker.

Sherry has also stated that signing an IRS 1040 form automatically violates one's 5Th Amendment right to self incrimination, given that the IRS can arrest someone if it finds that anything on the form was not truthful. This also proves that the IRS is operating in violation of the US Constitution.

She has also stated that an American citizen can recall their signature if they choose to not pay the income tax on their wages, which allows them to take advantage of the clause within the IRS tax code which states that "paying an income tax is voluntary compliance." This means that you don't have pay an income tax if you choose not to.

The American people should look into this very seriously since the IRS is illegally imposing a tax on their wages, which costs the American taxpayers roughly one trillion dollars per year. Think about all of the niceties in life that so many Americans are being forced to do without, because of the federal income tax that they are being illegally coerced into paying, under fear of imprisonment if they don't.

At one point during the interview, George Noory told Jackson that if the allegations regarding the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are true, that he wants every cent that he has paid out in federal income tax over his 41 years of working, immediately paid back to him with interest. To which Ms. Jackson replied, that this is exactly the reason why these organizations as well as Congress are refusing to answer the questions regarding this outright (and treasonous) fraud.

She has also stated that because of the financial burden which the Federal Reserve and IRS are placing on the American people, roughly 300,000 financially comfortable American citizens are leaving this country each year to escape from this unlawful tax burden -- an illegal system of taxation which is crushing the backs of the American taxpayer.

The Federal Reserve Bank/IRS is nothing but a cleverly conceived counterfeiting/extortion racket, where the Federal Reserve prints the counterfeit money, then charges the US Treasury interest to borrow this fiat (fake) money, when the US Treasury could be printing the money interest free.

Furthermore, the IRS is essentially nothing but muscle for the Federal Reserve, threatening to arrest and destroy the lives of Americans who refuse to go along with the Federal Reserve Bank's extortion scheme.

And the more Americans who realize this and have the courage to step forward to challenge this criminal empire, the sooner the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS will be permanently out of business -- as they should have been all along.

But as the late Aaron Russo (the producer of the brilliant expose on the IRS and Federal Reserve frauds -- America: From Freedom To Fascism) had once said, before they can be finished with the IRS, Americans must take back the gold bullion which the Federal Reserve has stolen from Fort Knox, and put it back where it belongs. And we also must make the US Congress responsible for these crimes, since it was the catalyst in perpetrating them back in 1913, when it illegally ratified the Federal Reserve Act and 16Th Amendment -- which led to the creation of both the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS.

These are extremely important issues which must be addressed. Of even greater importance is the exposure of the US Military/Intelligence communities weaponizing of space through the use of specialized satellites which track humans by way of the unique electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies; satellites which can also electronically access and manipulate our thoughts without our knowledge or consent.

This information is also gradually circulating, however not nearly as fast as it should be, given the threat these satellites and programs like the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology represent to every man, woman and child on this planet.

The NSA is illegally using its satellites to track Americans and invade the privacy of their homes and minds, in the most outrageous ways ever documented. This is treasonous and Orweillian behavior by rogue officials within the US Federal Government which should be punishable by death, for those convicted of such crimes against humanity. Incarceration for these miscreants is not good enough, since their goal is to utilize psychological warfare and directed energy weapons to torture American citizens to death. Let them experience the misery that they have wrought upon so many of us; that is just.

No one should ever have to tolerate being abused by a group of hi-tech lawless thugs who masquerade as a quasi law enforcement/intelligence gathering community.

And the sooner the American people have learned of the National Security Agency's betrayal of their God given, inherent, and inalienable Constitutional rights, the sooner they can force the US Congress to dissolve the NSA and other Intel agencies which have been used to decimate the lives of myriad American citizens, each of whom has been denied their right to due process of law, while being subjected to the most humiliating and cruel forms of torture ever documented.

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Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism:
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