Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Disclaimer That All New Computer & Internet Users Should Be Given Before They Turn On Their Computers Or Access The Internet

Dear new computer owner:

Thank you for purchasing our product and we hope that it offers you many years of enjoyment. However there is an issue which we believe is so important to your privacy that we must now bring it to your attention.

Please be advised that as the manufacturer of this computer, we cannot guarantee your privacy from external intrusion from the United States Intelligence Community, and neither can any of the US Internet Service Providers with whom you may open an Internet access account. US Intel is in the habit of using its advanced technology to data mine the Internet, including all of your activities, without your knowledge or consent.

And since the creation of the Patriot Act, these abuses have increased exponentially. As far as agencies like the FBI and NSA are concerned, if you are on the Internet you have no entitlement to privacy -- any electronic communications are fair game, and every character that you type can be accessed by programs like the FBI's Magic Lantern, which is nothing more than a Trojan virus with a key logger function, that the FBI can covertly download onto the hard drive of your computer, which can then relay every keystroke that you make back to a computer that the bureau has setup at the mainframe of an ISP.

The NSA's technology is even more covert and can allow for completely remote access to your computer's hard drive by way of satellite, as the NSA (oftentimes at the direction of the FBI) goes on an open ended fishing expedition without your knowledge or consent.

They have absolutely no right to be doing this, yet that has not stopped them from doing so on myriad occasions.

As such, it is clear that these agencies do not recognize the US Constitution or your rights to privacy, so at the very least you should be made aware that they are already lurking on the Internet and can choose to target you arbitrarily.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence program is extremely complex and capable of invading your privacy in ways that would astound you. This agency is capable of remotely accessing any computer on the face of this planet by way of its own spy satellites and super computers. Its technology is so sensitive that it is actually capable of filtering out emissions from your computer monitor in order to locate and access the hard drive on your computer.

Americans should know all about this information, which is precisely why US Intel has seen to it that we don't.

For more information on this you can use the Google Search Engine to read the first six pages of a lawsuit brought against the NSA by one of their former employees (a man named John St. Clair Akwei, who sued the NSA when learning of its gross abuses of both the US Constitution and the 1978 FISA Act, as they apply to the privacy of American citizens.

Please take this information seriously, as if you fail to do your own research prior to surfing the Internet, you will be doing so at your peril, since US Intel will continue to invade your privacy in the most egregious of ways. While you cannot stop it from doing so, you can certainly make it more difficult for the NSA (as well as FBI and other members of the Intel community) by learning how they operate.

As an American citizen it is your right to protect your privacy, especially when dealing with federal government agencies who have no respect for it and still worse, believe that it is their right to invade your privacy whenever they decide to.

This is America -- not Russia or China.

And you have certain inalienable rights which you are entitled to, whether this government attempts to deprive you of them or not.

Google Akwei VS NSA and educate yourself, because what you don't know about the US Federal Government and its covert spying and data mining can cause you irreparable damage.

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