Friday, October 26, 2007

A Civil Revolution Against The Illuminati Controlled US Federal Government

Bush 41 & Bush 43 -- Destroying America

"Under George W. Bush, more than any past US President, the US Intelligence Community and its covert Nazi protocols have been able to thrive on the American people's vast ignorance in regard to the criminal ways in which they operate under the cover of national security. However, as Americans gradually become aware of this, US Intel will eventually find itself under fire and no longer able to perpetrate the crimes against humanity that it has for the past Century.

As Americans realize the potential and danger of the NSA's Signals Intelligence remote sensing/mind manipulation program, and the abject threat it represents to their lives, this watershed event will become the catalyst for a much needed revolution in the United States -- a cleansing of the Illuminati corruption which at present plagues us as a nation. Given the outrageous crimes which this government has perpetrated against us as a people, there is no longer any logical alternative to such a revolution, since those in power will continue to steal from and abuse us until we have nothing left for them to take but our lives.

Throughout history, this has always been the logical response to tyrannical governments like the one which has now emerged within the United States. Few people in America trust George W. Bush, with the majority of this country now fearing his Nazi ideologies, and the blatant ways in which he flaunts them while challenging Americans to take him on. Hitler possessed the same sense of arrogance and there is little doubt that history will treat Bush just as it has Hitler."
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