Friday, October 26, 2007

"Trap Sites" --- Websites The TI Frequently Visits Which Become Co opted Into Their Harassment

I have coined the term "Trap Sites" to define Internet Websites which the victims of mind control and organized stalking crimes routinely visit. Within a short time, these sites are quickly co opted by those who perpetrate these crimes, oftentimes utilizing triggers which are used to cause the TI psychological harm.

Even E-mail accounts can be used in such ways, as those who target the TI, control the number of E-mails being sent to them, and oftentimes the content of such E-mails, which can also be used as a form of gaslighting.

In fact, I have seen a number of TI Websites which have been used for this reason as well. Of course the insidiousness in all this is that these crimes are done through the use of gaslighting tactics, which offer those who perpetrate them a plausible way in which to deny that they have done any intentional harm to the targeted person; when it is quite clear they intended to cause serious psychological harm to the intended target all along.

If you are a legitimate target of non consensual mind control at the hands of a government agency, you will be attacked on a more aggressive level than you would by some of the local hoodlums who participate in these crimes, simply because these federal agencies have the financial wherewithal and exotic weaponry in which to do so.

The ability for the NSA to read this sentence as I am typing it, by using a specialized satellite and super computer in which to electronically access the visual cortex portion of my brain, should give the readers an idea of the outrageous invasions of privacy that I must live with everyday, and the complete and utter depravity of those operating within agencies such as the NSA, who believe that it is their right to perpetrate such violations of the 4th and 5th Amendments.

I have to refer to the Forth Amendment in particular here because this was created to protect Americans within the privacy of their own homes. However, the Constitution made no provisions for the electronic attacks that I am being subjugated to because the technology used in perpetrating these types of electronic warfare did not exist at the time it was written.

As for TI's who are targets of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation programs -- those who attempt to join online user groups; the following applies:

While TI's will oftentimes be allowed to join groups which they have an interest in, these groups will be quickly co opted into taking part in the TI's harassment. Numerous targets of agencies such as the FBI in particular, have documented this.

So to the Targeted Individuals who have gotten extremely frustrated with this situation, it is best to understand that there are many of us experiencing the same anomalous abuses. And on many occasions I have been surprised to find that TI's who were once allies in groups catering to organized stalking/mind control victims, were eventually driven away from one another -- a situation which oftentimes resulted in their bitter resentment of eachother.

In an ordinary situation, maintaining relationships is enough of a challenge. However, when you are an individual targeted by the US Intelligence community or the Intel agencies of some other country, it is virtually impossible to do so, since this gives those who perpetrate these crimes against you even greater opportunities in which to covertly sabotage your relationships -- COINTELPRO style.

I am still astounded at how easily the FBI can destroy even the most precious relationships with our own families -- something they thrive on and appear to take great enjoyment in -- once again, another illustration of their Nazi beliefs, and the complete illusion/delusion of freedom that we have in the United States.

The only successful way in which to endure such abuse is by trusting no one and doing your best to expose the most intricate details of this government sanctioned psychological warfare. What these agents are doing is evil; an evil that must be exposed globally and destroyed.

As for the Websites which get co opted into the psywarfare being deployed against you -- take them off your Internet route and find new ones of interest -- with more than two billion Websites on the Internet in the present day, it will be quite sometime before the FEDS are able to co opt all of them. ; )
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