Sunday, October 28, 2007

FEDS Using Ebay As Another Form Of Psywarfare

I have already documented that the FEDS use Ebay as a pretext for sending bogus E-mails that my account has been suspended, and the same for Paypal. In every single instance these warnings were fraudulent. However, they also use their provocateurs to bid up items that I am interested in purchasing on E-bay -- always with a user name that has some significance as a trigger word used in their psyops campaign against me, so that I know that they are yet violating another aspect of my Constitutional rights -- while costing me more money than I should have to spend on an item.

FBI agents who take part in such COINTELPRO activities are LIARS and CRIMINALS, who through the US Media propaganda machine, have managed to dupe the American public into believing that they are legitimate law enforcement, when they clearly are not. These government rat bastards don't respect any aspect of the US Constitution when it pertains to the rights of the American people. They do whatever they want regardless of how criminal their activities are, including long-term illegal spying on American citizens by way of satellites, and then look to obfuscate their complicity in these outrageous crimes.

The FBI's use of the NSA in these crimes should be far better documented than it is, including the NSA's illegal utilization of many American citizens for non consensual cover research and human experimentation. The FBI is a hate mongering Nazi organization -- as anti-American as any to have ever gone before it. In its attacks on others, these federal snake oil salesman are now co opting communities into doing their dirty work for them -- in effect criminalizing entire communities.

As such, the American landscape is gradually taking on the appearance of Nazi Germany in the 1930's where neighbors are spying on each other, and school children are even being taught to keep a watchful eye on anyone who might be a terrorist -- even their own parents. All while the real terrorists within this government -- Bush Administration & the US Military/Industrialist/Intelligence complex get away with their rampant criminality.

Given such treasonous attacks on the people of this country, can it be long before a civil revolt begins to take shape?
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