Sunday, October 28, 2007

Forensic Pathologists Determine That The Late CIA Scientist -- Dr. Frank Olsen -- Was Murdered

There is perhaps no family in history who was more determined to find out the real cause of one of their member's deaths, than that of the late CIA associate Frank Olsen. Olsen, who died in 1953, was reported to have jumped from an upper story of the Statler Hotel, in New York City.

For decades his death was reported as a suicide. And the CIA at one point even covered it up with a disinformation campaign claiming that Olsen had been unwitting drugged with LSD, which caused him a state of psychosis that resulted in his suicide. However, Olsen's family never bought the official story, even though they were well compensated financially by the CIA.

They continued to do their own research, including filing a Freedom Of Information Act request for any documentation in regard to the CIA's MKULTRA covert mind control operations. What followed was an intense investigation on their part which resulted in the release of roughly sixteen thousand pages of documents regarding MKULTRA, which revealed the horrific nature of this program and the torture that many of its victims -- some as young as four years of age -- were subjected to.

This documentation would turn out to be key for many other victims of MKULTRA in the future, since a former director of the CIA by the name of Richard Helms saw to it that all remaining files on MKULTRA were destroyed before the public could learn of their contents.

From their findings, the Olsen's decided that Frank was murdered and wanted further proof of it. In the 1990's they got just what they were looking for, when they obtained a court order to have Olsen's body exhumed, and for forensic experts to re-autopsy his remains. These medical examiners determined that Olsen has been struck in the head with blunt force, just prior to falling to his death. One CIA protocol for murdering someone is to strike them a blow to the forehead, then pull their legs out from under them so that they are helpless to fight back. It was concluded that this is what happened to Frank Olsen, who was then thrown from a window in his hotel room.

However many people would ask why the CIA would murder one of its own? The answer is that at the time of his demise, Olsen had top clearance, yet began to have serious doubts about the CIA's methods for extracting information from people -- which included the use of LSD as well as torture -- that many times resulted in the deaths of those being interrogated.

Olsen had witnessed such operations expressing his doubts about the moral implications of perpetrating such barbaric acts. A week later he was dead. The late US Military Intelligence Specialist Steve Kangas had once reported that through his research on the CIA, he estimated that globally, the agency was responsible for nearly six million murders since its creation. If this is true, the CIA has then matched Adolph Hitler in his murder of the Jews during the Holocaust.

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