Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Example Of How The FEDS Look To Discredit This Website -- Most FBI Agents Are Criminals & Pathological LIARS -- An Americanized Version Of Gestapo

The following is a porn site where the owner has taken an article that I had written and without my permission edited it with his own perverse garbage. The owner of the site also goes by the name of "Ray" --obviously a reminder that an FBI agent by the name of Ray Migliore was responsible for placing me in the NSA's mind control program without my knowledge or consent.

This is how agents of the FBI really operate. Not the clean cut personification of the FBI that we used to see on Sunday nights back in the 1960's and 1970's when the Quinn Martin serial "The FBI" was broadcast on Television. That program was just another piece of glorified propaganda used to deceive the American people in regard to the Americanized Gestapo that the FBI really is. Before Quinn Martin could air the program, the "Nazi" himself, J. Edgar Hoover demanded to see the first few episodes before he would give the program his seal of approval.

The following is an example of how the FBI looks to discredit legitimate accounts of their illegal spying and COINTELPRO operations. The FBI is an outright disaster to the American people because it exists for one primary reason: to destroy any person or group that attempts to exercise their constitutional rights. And contrary to the US Congresses attempts to crack down on the FBI and its Nazi operations, with the exception of the Church Committee Hearings in the mid 1970's, Congress has yet to reign the FBI in for its rampant criminal activity. These agents respect no one and attack with the intensity of a school of sharks; which is why the FBI should be abolished for once and for all.
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