Friday, November 02, 2007

Did The FEDS Set OJ Simpson Up In A Covert Sting?

FBI Knew of O.J. Simpson Plan in Advance


"LOS ANGELES (AP) - Federal agents learned three weeks in advance that O.J. Simpson and a memorabilia dealer planned an operation to retrieve personal items Simpson said were stolen from him, according to FBI reports obtained Friday by The Associated Press.

Dealer Thomas Riccio told FBI agents Aug. 21 that Simpson wanted to televise the operation as he confronted a collector who was peddling thousands of pieces of Simpson's memorabilia."

While I personally believe that O.J. Simpson did murder his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman -- and should have been convicted of murder during his trial -- I also have to say that I think that the FBI was behind Simpson's latest arrest, using the fence in question as an incentive to flush Simpson out. I would also not be surprised to learn that the FBI was in someway behind the theft of Simpson's memorabilia in efforts to force him to react in an aggressive way -- which he eventually did.

I make no excuses for Simpson, who in my opinion is a murderer. However, I list this information here as an illustration of how the FBI violates the Constitutional Rights of American citizens on a routine basis. And if there is a more criminal organization within the United States than the FBI, I am not familar with it. I consider the FBI to be as bad if not worse than the CIA, NSA or DOD, since none of them operate within the laws of this land, and have a history of perpetrating the most abject crimes against humanity ever documented -- all under the color of law.

If you find yourself as a thorn in the side of a federal agent, you can expect to be harassed in ways that you never imagined, while your constitutional rights get flushed right down the ole pichodu. It's the sweet smell of Satan, right here in the good ole Nazi USA.
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