Friday, November 02, 2007

Fedex Package Detoured By The FEDS?

As I have documented myriad times in the past, the FBI et al within the US Intelligence community that harass me as part of a long-term COINTELPRO sting also regularly interfere with the purchases I make. This is not to say that they prevent them from occurring, however, they can and do make these transactions more difficult than they need to be. A recent Ebay purchase that I made was scheduled to be delivered today. However, the tracking number has it somewhere in Chicago 36 hours ago, when it should have been listed as being in New York and out for delivery by now. I can only conclude that the FEDS or their provocateurs are again up to no good, and have either stolen the package, or seen to it that its arrival is delayed.

This type of evil chicanery is commonplace in the ways in which the FEDS operate. And even if the package shows up, I will then have to concern myself as to whether or not it was tampered with.

It has long been a concern of mine that in their desperation to set me up on fraudulent charges, the FEDS would open a piece of the hi-fi gear that I have purchased and place illegal drugs of some type in it. Of course, the FEDS are well aware that I do not use illegal drugs, so their attempt to plant such drugs in a piece of audio equipment, my automobile, or for that matter any other type of venue which could be attributed to me would be an absolute fabrication.

As it stands, the FEDS have used coercion to routinely meet with family members in efforts to demonize me, which has become so obvious, that I can practically tell in advance which days they will be meeting with family members -- Fridays are a common one, since that gives the FEDS the entire weekend to cause us further problems. What agencies like the FBI and DHS are getting away with since the Patriot Act are the most outrageous violations of both civil and human rights ever documented, and only further proof that the rule of Constitutional law within the United States is at the very least on a respirator, while nearing its demise.

There are a great number of Americans who are now documenting similar Nazi type invasions of their privacy, and attacks on their person by the FBI and its Hitlerian type protocols. The FBI is a testament to the fact that while Adolph Hitler may have died, his beliefs are still held highly by many government agencies within the United States, including the FBI, whose first director, the late J. Edgar Hoover, was a Hitler disciple from his first days running the Bureau (And conspired with the CIA and other traitors like Allen Dulles and the attorney John J. Mcloy who refrained from arresting Nazis who had been secreted into this country by the CIA during Operation Paperclip in the late 1940's).

In the modern day, there are more Nazi's in existence now than there were during the 1930's and '40's. However, they are far more clever than they were at that time, while having far more money and the most cutting edge technology ever created in which to covertly propagate their crimes. If the readers have not yet arrived at the fact that in George W. Bush, we have a Nazi dictator masquerading as President of the United States, then it is time that they did.
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