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Pitting Targeted Individuals Against Eachother -- How The FEDS Divide And Conquer Using The Human Ego As A Weapon

In the brief time that I actually subscribed to a few of the E-mail lists used to support individuals of the crimes of organized stalking and mind control, I was quickly confronted by all types of gas lighting tactics, which only increased my torment exponentially. And over the past few years I have read of myriad other TI's complaining of the same types of situations, in which "certain" members of the TI community (probably FEDS or their provocateurs) act as the gang leaders in the attacks on other TI's.

For those TI's who allow themselves to be led into committing the same types of crimes that they are complaining about, is the epitome of hypocrisy. If you hurt another person, regardless of your rationale for doing so, you become guilty of the same viciousness which you claim to be fighting.

There is also so much bickering on these forums that it appears to only serve the interests of those looking to dismantle them, rather than those seeking an end to the nightmare that they have been cast into.

It is not easy to be as persecuted as the average TI is, only wondering when the people with whom you found consolation will suddenly also turn on you. Yet it does happen to TI's quite often, which should cause those on such forums to closely study those who are causing such unrest, to determine if their motivations are truly constructive, or being done in efforts to keep these groups from moving forward.

As for those TI's who are waiting for 100 percent conclusive evidence as to who is behind these crimes, they will be waiting forever -- because these crimes are being perpetrated by those expert in the use psychological warfare, and the use of plausible deniability, in which to obscure their criminal activities.

I don't think that attempting to obtain help from the body politic in any country is going to solve this problem, simply because far too many politicians are aware of these classified weapons and their illegal use, yet have done nothing of any consequence to affect meaningful changes to end such Hitlerian abuses.

For this reason, I personally believe that those who are doing mass mailings to the global media stand a better chance of enlightening the global population in regard to the crimes of mind control and organized stalking, than by merely contacting every politician on this planet. The objective here must be to educate every man, woman and child as to the nature of satellite based (and other forms) directed energy weapons, and how they themselves are being covertly endangered by them.

Once you have convinced the public that your problems are also their problems, you will have far more success in motivating them to act in concert with one another in efforts to end such problems.

A mass movement needs to be affected here. Otherwise, every effort being made to educate the public is going to fall far short of its intention. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of John St. Clair Akewi's lawsuit against the NSA, as it places the blame for much of the satellite based covert mind control operations squarely at the NSA's doorstep.

Your neighbors down the street may have the ability to watch you moving around within the privacy of your own home by way of close circuit TV, but I seriously doubt that they can follow you where ever you go while simultaneously reading and manipulating your minds, as well as seeing what you are seeing through your own eyes.

However the NSA can.

This is common sense, so why are more TI's not understanding it? And why can't they see that Akwei VS NSA is a gift to every TI because it reveals to us the smoking gun behind so much of our harassment?

Moreover, while many TI's are not being out rightly tortured to death, they are dying a slow death from being exposed to microwaves. To a degree this applies to the entire population of this planet given the man made microwave exposure that we are all subjected to on a daily basis by way of cell phone towers, microwave ovens etc.

However, those being tracked by satellites and subjected to direct exposure of these microwaves and other forms of directed energy weapons are suffering in a more extreme way. And our health is most certainly being adversely affected as a result of it.

I implore those who are on these forums to stop bickering amongst themselves and to start taking John Akwei's information more seriously, given its global implications to the future of the human mind and the human race. The NSA should be considered for what it is -- the nucleus of the Illuminati's global mind control operations -- something which we are all vulnerable to.

I remember nearly a decade ago when I began using a Lyme Disease newsletter mailing list that I had co-created, to alert people to my belief that Lyme Disease was a biological weapon. For the most part my words fell on deaf ears. Even Dr. Donald Scott's book entitled "The Brucellosis Triangle" (which documented much useful information by way of the Freedom Of Information Act -- which showed that Lyme was created as a biological weapon) did not have the impact that it should have, given the import of what he had discovered regarding the use of mycoplasmas in the creation of biological warfare.

It took Michael Christopher Carrol's best seller: "Lab 257," to open the eyes of the American Lyme Community; to show them that Lyme Disease is indeed a bio weapon which has destroyed the lives of countless citizens in the United States and abroad.

I find that I am now once again waiting in the same type of situation, this time for the TI community to figure out that the NSA and other US Intel agencies are behind most of what we are experiencing in the way of covert forms of mind control torture.

However, I think that as in the case of Lyme Disease, it may take many of them another decade before most realize that it was the NSA which has been responsible for the nightmare that they have been put through, and not some local thugs with a modified microwave oven who were causing them so many problems.

This does not mean that there aren't communal groups of thugs who operate in such ways. I am certain that there are. However, they are NOT the main source of the problem.

Government agencies are; those involved (in all likelihood there are including the CIA and DOD),in the US Military Industrial complex most certainly weigh heavily in these crimes, and are the reason why even local law enforcement gives its tacit approval to them.

However, since its creation, it is the NSA that has always had access to some of the most sophisticated electronic technology ever developed, and as such, they are the most likely culprit in much of our harassment.

Akwei VS NSA. Someday, this will be recognized as the most important lawsuit in human history, given its documentation of the NSA's use of super computer driven satellites to remotely manipulate the human mind.
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