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Some Important Statements Regarding The Illegal Use Of Government Sanctioned Directed Energy Weapons Technology -- These Are War Crimes!

Open Letter To All of our Trusted & Paid Public Servants
Lynn Surgalla Feb 27-2006

"To All of our Trusted & Paid Public Servants:

Please cease & desist from attacking the USA civilian population with LETHAL ("SLOW-KILL"-torture-murder) neurotoxic (brain-damaging) carcinogenic (cancer-causing) Psychotronic or any other form of pulsed-microwave-radiation weaponry. It is your duty to refuse & resist obeying any orders which amount to treason or war crimes (domestic or international).

Please tell the TRUTH to the American People about the treasonous Domestic Warfare which has been waged against them and about the injuries which they have sustained so that they may take action to defend themselves, stop the treason and seek proper medical attention for their radiation-induced illnesses.

Please arrest and bring to trial the Treasonous War Criminals who told you to deploy these weapons against the USA population and that these weapons were "NON-Lethal".

AMNESTY and IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION for TREASON & WAR CRIMES will be given to all criminals who "come clean" (tell the truth to the PUBLIC), turn "People's Evidence" ( testify against the Big-Oil,Drugs-War-Profiteer Criminals who orchestrated these crimes), and apologize to the World (as did John Perkins in his "Confessions..." book & interviews).

There is NO MORE TIME LEFT for any of you to be acting from selfish motivations. You must act from a sense of the PUBLIC TRUST which We The People have placed in you ALL as our PAID PUBLIC SERVANTS (not as treasonous criminal assailants)."

Love & Blessings
Lynn Surgalla
Former Vice President
United States Psychtronics Association

"Are Bio-Electronic Pulse Weapons Assaults Harassment?

Why in the World would you want to COVER UP the crime of ASSAULT WITH LETHAL PULSED-RADIATION WEAPONRY by calling it "Electronic Harassment"??!!!!! (Making the crime of "SLOW-KILL" (cancer, "Alzheimers-type brain damage, etc...) or "FAST-KILL"(stroke,aneurysm,heart attack, etc...) TORTURE-MURDER seem like some trivial misdemeanor!!!!!??? Don't you know that MILLIONS of people have been killed with these weapons in the past few decades??? Millions more are being specifically targeted, now!!!!"

"Please reserve the word "Harrassment" for minor crimes (like property-damage, etc...). THIS IS WAR and THESE ARE WARCRIMES.Radiation Attacks on people's bodies is way more than Harrassment." Call it what the WAR CRIMINALS, themselves call it: "SLOW-KILL"-TORTURE-MURDER!"


"These are LARGE COMPUTERIZED WEAPONS-SYSTEMS being used as WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION (targeting large groups of people (populations)). Just like a TV or RADIO BROADCAST, the MIND-CONTROL PROGRAMMING which directly targets the Human BRAIN & NERVOUS SYSTEM has been BROADCAST in a similar fashion (Satellite Broadcasts & the Piggybacking of Weaponized Signals on the Energy Grid, etc..PLUS MULTIPLEXING EEG BRAINWAVE SIGNALS in a system similar to a CELL-PHONE NETWORK Military "Synthetic Telepathy" (used for REMOTE TORTURE-INTERROGATION). These are ALL MILITARY WEAPONS SYSTEMS developed in secret with our tax money, KEPT SECRET FROM THE PUBLIC, and turned back against the Public by WAR CRIMINALS in COVERT DOMESTIC WARFARE."

Lynn Surgalla
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