Monday, November 05, 2007

These Are The Types Of Posts That The FEDS Attempt To Have Removed Almost As Quickly As They Surface. However The NSA's Crimes Will Be Exposed

This was posted on a conspiracy forum in late 2006. The FEDS work to get this information removed from forums so that it cannot be promulgated on a large scale.

However, the NSA's illegal use of satellites to remote neural monitor the public is not something that the FEDS are going to be able to contain for much longer. It is a Pandora's Box which simply can no longer remain closed.

* Posted in regard to the NSA's Signals Intelligence Remote Neural Monitoring technology used to electronically access and manipulate the minds of American citizens (and quite possibly those from many other countries).

On 12/3/06, LARAMIE wrote:

Hi Folks,

"Jim Marino has posted some important information at his blog today. Please share this with as many people as you know. You will be helping to uncover the most insidious fraud in history!"


P.S. Make no mistake, it's irrepressible DQ they are after.
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