Monday, November 05, 2007

US Imperialism Causes Riots In Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan has initiated a state of martial law; the result of Pakistani lawyers protesting in regard to the United States reviewing Western aid to Pakistan. Like the monks in Myanmar, these lawyers were being rounded up and beaten and arrested for their peaceful protests. Hopefully, none will be murdered as many monks were.

The global crackdown on dissenters of the New World Order should be getting more media coverage than it is, since these are telltale signs of the global dictatorship which we are now starting to face. (This is of course why the global media system is largely silent about this situation, and that when they actually do report in regard to it, that promulgate government propaganda rather than the facts in these situations.)

Thousands Face Down Pakistani Police
Email this Story Nov 5, 1:25 PM (ET) By MUNIR AHMAD

"ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) - Police fired tear gas and clubbed thousands of lawyers protesting President Gen. Pervez Musharraf's decision to impose emergency rule, as Western allies threatened to review aid to the troubled Muslim nation. Opposition groups put the number of arrests at 3,500, although the government reported half that.

Musharraf, who took power in a 1999 coup and is also head of Pakistan's army, suspended the constitution on Saturday ahead of a Supreme Court ruling on whether his recent re-election as president was legal. He ousted independent-minded judges, put a stranglehold on independent media and granted sweeping powers to authorities to crush dissent. The attorney general called Monday for the polls to be held on time, but Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz left open the possibility for a delay."

The only difference between Musharraf and George W. Bush was that Bush was more cunning in regard to how he stole his way into office. Moreover, for the past 7 years he has essentially been quitely doing to the American people, what Musharraf is now doing to the Pakistani's -- cutting their Constitution out from under them. Americans should not be surprised to see another terrorist attack on US soil before the next Presidential election, which would allow George W. Bush to declare himself the dictator of America.

Also consider that any future attacks on US soil will likely be blamed on either Iran or Venezuela, since they are the two major holdouts to the United States' attempts to bring them inline with a one world government; and these "home grown" attacks will give the Bush Administration an opportunity to wage war against the Iranians and Venezuelans. As it stands the Bush Administration is looking for ways in which to mount a strategic aerial attack on Iran since this country no longer has the number of troops necessary to mount a successful ground campaign against the Iranians -- something it has also been unable to do in Iraq for the past five years.

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