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Ed and Elaine Brown Supporter Danny Riley Beaten and Shot with Paintballs in Jail for Quoting the Constitution

Patriot-Danny Riley, Beaten, and Shot In Jail for Quoting the Constitution

The following is a taped phone conversation from Danny Reilly describing how he was tortured simply for quoting the United States Constitution. Danny's situation ( as well as that of Ed and Elaine Browns' and the three other men who were also arrested for giving them physical support -- Bob Wolffe, Cirino Gonzalez and Jason Gerhard) is typical of the extreme damage that the Patriot Act has done to our Constitutional Rights.

The FEDS are quite blatantly telling us that the rule of Constitutional Law within the United States is DEAD, and that they can now use the Patriot Act to attack anyone of their choosing, whether or not that person is guilty of criminal activity. The NSA's illegal use of satellites to remotely neural monitor American citizens is just further evidence of these abuses, which have become so outrageous that they nearly defy belief -- however this technology and the attacks that it is used to wage on many US citizens is proof that these atrocities are taking place within the United States -- and on a very large scale.

This morning at around 4am I was subjected to a dream sequence in which my neck was being twisted to one side to the point where I could not breathe. I opened my eyes shortly afterwards only to experience an acute shortness of breath which has lasted throughout the day. And even though I have taken roughly 1000 milligrams of Co enzyme Q10 since this morning, this difficulty in breathing is still problematic. I am convinced that those within the NSA who direct this technology against me do so by way of programmed sequences, in which various forms of torture are used on a particular day, only to later be altered. These programs appear to be custom tailored to the individual target, as part of the non consensual human experimentation that we are being subjected to. I also experience a high pitched frequency in both right and left ears -- the signal alters from one to the other. I don't notice this daily, however this does occur several times per week and appears to be an adjunct to the mind control experimenation that I experience -- which is done at myriad levels.

I have often wondered if the NSA must recalibrate the "electronic lock" that it has on the EMF field that surrounds me and if these high pitched tones that I hear are the result of such a calibration. I have been experiencing this on a regular basis for decades.

This is what the New World Order wants to do to all of the people on this planet -- subjugate us to mind control torture -- completely manipulating our thoughts.

And while there is now an active TI community, the truth is that the use of satellites to weaponize space has in one way or another made every person on this planet subject to such mind control weaponry -- especially when their own cell phones can be used to covertly manipulate their thoughts. Such manipulations can be minor such as changes in temperment, to major changes which include the complete altering of one's personality --- even to the point of becoming a Manchurian Candidate programmed assassin. Satellites, cell phone towers and the GWEN system are a threat to the psychological well being of the American people alone, not to mention the threat that these satellites represent to the rest of the people on this planet.

This is not the United States Of America any longer. This government is nothing but a fascist cabal gradually emerging from behind the bogus constitutional republic that the American people have been tricked into believing still exists.


And those within this cabal are becoming more confident by the day that they can eventually end their masquerade and reveal to Americans, the fascism which they have represented all along.

The time that we are presently facing within the United States should be considered the darkest time in American History, for our Constitution has been stolen from us. And we will have to fight to get it back. Those who believe in the ideology of a Constitutional Republic had better prepare themselves for the reality of another civil war within this country before too long. And they must either be prepared to die for their beliefs in this battle, or become enslaved by their fascist captors. There are no longer any other alternatives to be had here. Like it or not, the people in this country have been taken from within, by subversives who've managed to harbor themselves within this country's own borders -- rather than from an international enemy.

And these are the same people who control the US Congress, US Intelligence, US Military Industrial complex, and the US economy -- the economy by way of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and its IRS collection BAGMAN.

The taped conversation of Danny Reilly can be heard at the following Website:
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