Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Humans Are Taught From An Early Age To Think In Terms Of Groups & To Attack Groups Which Differ From Themselves

A very disturbing, yet accurate post in regard to the New World Order.

The prison industry within the United States has become one of the most lucrative businesses of all time -- Wackenhut is proof enough of this. The major employers of fascist police states are prisons and the military. And given the Illuminati's well orchestrated plan to promote the belief that all races of people are different and should remain that way, the population of this planet has been trained to think with the "it's us against them mentality," which has served the Illuminati and its military industrial complex extremely well.

In the United States, while the average employee is being crushed under the weight of an unbearable financial burden (which the US Congress, Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are completely responsible for), the prison industry is booming. And why not, since in the modern day if you look at a cop the wrong way you face arrest simply because "you looked suspicious." Whatever happened to probable cause?

Unfortunately, like so many other aspects of our Constitution, it has also been discarded. This situation is quickly spiraling downward with most of the American people caught in its vortex. Live Free or Die -- the motto of the State of New Hampshire, and words that the American people will have to actually back up if we are to regain our freedoms - since those who have taken them from us are not going to return them.

by Van on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 @ 02:26:23 EST
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We're alone, people.

America doesn't care.

Liberals don't care about conservatives, and vice versa.

Blacks don't care about whites, and vice versa.

Rich dont care about poor, and vice versa.

East coast doesn't care about west, and vice versa.

Old dont care about young, and vice versa.

We're alone, because we have all segregated ourselves.

We're alone, because none of us has cared enough about anyone who wasn't like ourselves.

We're alone, and they're coming for us sooner or later.

They're coming for you, reading this right now. Not today, probably not this month, maybe not this year. Hopefully not next year.

But they'll come.

They'll come because America has the highest per-capita prison population in the world.

They'll come because the prisons are one of the fastest growing industries in America.

They'll come because as the dollar crashes, oil goes through the roof, food supplies dwindle, and all of America's new enemies and decades of blowback start massing at the borders, the only employers left will be the military and the prison system.

They'll come, because they're already on their way.
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