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A Satellite Based Hit Squad Comprised Of US Intelligence Agents Who Covertly Murder Americans & Citizens Abroad, With Directed Energy Weapons

"Satellite based remote neural monitoring allows the NSA to go on open ended fishing expeditions of the minds of targeted American citizens, while completely nullifying their 4TH and 5TH Amendment Rights. Remote neural monitoring is the product of a Nazi ideology used to psychologically enslave a selected target through the use of electronic warfare. The fact that the US Intelligence community covertly uses this technology on American citizens demonstrates its belief that Nazi protocols should be enforced within the United States -- a reality that would be extremely unpopular with the American people -- should they learn of it."

-- James F. Marino

NSA Satellite Prisoner

There is little doubt that myriad people within the United States and abroad have been covertly murdered by the US Intelligence community, using satellite based directed energy weapons; murders where hearts attacks were remotely caused by these weapons in which to give those within US Intel a plausible reason in which to deny they had any involvement in them.

However, given that such technology does exist, what if its applications were global in scale? And what if every person on this planet were catalogued within the NSA's database by way of the electromagnetic fields that surround our bodies? And what if many of our deaths were already predetermined by a sophisticated computer network which would use a satellite based weapon to cause a fatal heart attack or aneurysm in which to murder us? -- a situation so precise that the NSA would already know in advance who would be dying on a given date (provided that they had not died from other causes prior to such date) because they would be performing the covert execution by way of their satellites.

While this might seem impossible to your average American citizen, it has more than likely been considered by at least some TI's who have been covertly assaulted by way of this weaponry for years -- physically and psychologically tortured Hitlerian style, by the core groups of Nazi's who presently reside within the hierarchy of US Intelligence and the Military Industrial complex.

It is already clear to those of us who have first hand experience with these weapons, that they are extremely sophisticated, and being deployed against us by people who have no compunction about torturing us.

While the above scenario may be a bit extreme, there is no question that the technology for orchestrating such a timetable for the covert murders of citizens around the globe already exists, and has been used in the murders of many people whose deaths were assumed to be from natural causes -- with the exception of those who were subjected to psychotronic weaponry which was used to drive them to suicide.

Given the New World Order's designs on the natural resources of this planet, and its myriad covert means in which to murder a large number of its inhabitants (billions of citizens) through the use of electronic, chemical and biological warfare (as well as geophysical manipulation of this planet -- using HAARP to cause what on the surface appear to be natural disasters such as tornado's, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods), it seems plausible that many of us will perish by way of the Illuminati driven US Intelligence community's deployment of directed energy weapons -- where deaths will be brought on by various cancers, heart attacks and immunological dysfunction. And to think that a computer may already know what day our tickets are going to be punched only makes the situation even more diabolical.

* The demonization campaign that the FBI has been waging against me continues to get more aggressive by the day. This as they attempt to obfuscate the crimes that they have perpetrated -- the COINTELPRO operation that began against me around 1980. Once again, they look to obscure the mind control technology that they have deployed against me and its implications for the people in the United States. They've gotten away with myriad crimes in the past, however this one they are not going to get away with. There is too much at stake here and too many lives now placed in jeopardy.

Consequently, I have no intention of ever allowing the FBI, NSA or DHS to get away with such precedent setting crimes against myself and myriad others (especially given what they have put my Family through). It is these agencies who are looking to cover up what they have done in regard to the COINTELPRO operation that they continue to perpetrate against me. Where is the rule law here?

Where is due process???

There is none, because when you are being targeted for a COINTELPRO operation the FEDS attempt to deny you your Constitutional Rights. However, in their demonization campaign against me they must eventually answer the following question because it will continue to plague them until they go to their graves:

What has the FBI been doing using the NSA to illegally track me for nearly three decades, subjecting me to non consensual cover research in the way of mind control experimentation? THIS IS ILLEGAL! Which is why the FEDS are DENYING that they have done so! Life is difficult enough without some Nazi garbage using satellites and computers to illegally access and SCREW AROUND with your mind! And if Americans have become so complacent that they would allow themselves to be abused in such ways, by a govermment which simply parasites itself off of them, then to a large extent the Illuminati have already succeeded in destroying our ability to think for ourselves.

The US Constitution strictly prohibits any such criminal act. So is it any wonder why those of us who are documenting it have become demonized by this Nazi regime that looks to propagate their own EVIL objectives?

I have recently noted that the FBI is now playing the religious angle in efforts to justify such outrageous behavior. When the FBI has run out of all other options it plays the religious card to the hilt; however, given their rampant crimes and SINS --and the EVIL ways in which they generally conduct themselves, not only is this attack pathetic, but also hypocritical for a group of psychopathic murders whose only goal is to decimate the US Constitution and the freedoms which we as a people once had.

The FBI's criminal and subversive actions have demonstrated its contempt for the freedoms which the United States was founded on. They hate us and our freedom.

So why do we allow the FBI to continue to exist here when it is clear that this agency is nothing but an Americanized version of Hitler's Gestapo?

Nothing ever changes with the bureau -- it just continues its abusive and Hitlerian behavior.

The moment that the FBI began to violate the laws in this country (in the reality from the minute it was created) was the moment that it sold out to the Evil forces that control it. And the FBI has been perpetrating such outrageous crimes against Americans since that time back in 1908.

As for the attacks on me, I know that the FBI has been behind each and everyone of them -- not to mention the illegal warrantless satellite spying which has taken place decades before the Patriot Act was ever passed. How'd you like being spied on within your own bathroom roughly forty thousand times? With the NSA there's little doubt that millions of Americans already have been, yet have no knowledge that the NSA has such videos of them contained within its archives. This is datamining at its worst, as the NSA uses its satellites to spy on Americans while videotaping everything we do 24/7/365.

The only variable here is how many Americans are being remote neurally monitored 24 hours a day. There's little doubt that millions of us are, and that the NSA has the ability to watch everyone of us simultaneously through its complex satellite/computer network.

So if the FBI wants the 411 on you, they just make a call to the NSA, pull up your file from its vast database and there you are on videotape -- every second of your life as it has unfolded for the past few decades. They've done it to me -- I know this for a fact -- so there is no doubt that they can (and in myriad instances) have done it to many of you as well.

You have a right to know about this.

It is your right as an American to know when you are being subjected to illegal surveillance of any kind -- especially the type of satellite spying that the FBI, NSA and DHS are conducting on a great number of unwitting American citizens in the present day.

What's next, the FBI just shooting unarmed people in public for jaywalking?

If we let these agencies get away with such outrageous crimes as the ones that I (and myriad others) am reporting, there will eventually be no need at all for a US Judiciary system, because the FBI will be acting as judge, jury and executioner for any Americans whom it decides to attack -- something it has already been covertly doing to many US citizens for decades.

And this does not cover what the FBI has done in regard to engaging the NSA in using many citizens for non consensual cover research and human experimentation -- something I am certain they have subjected myself and a great number of other people to, as well.

How will the FBI justify this?

It won't, since this Americanized Gestapo bastard has a long history of committing crimes which it has always refused to acknowledge. This agency will also never acknowledge how they coerce people into blatantly lying in regard the FBI's criminal activities -- even to the extent of forcing these people to perjure themselves in courts of law. This is no longer about the truth -- this is about covering up for rampant criminality within the FBI.

When the FBI sneaks around your back to destroy your reputation, while willfully denying you your right to defend yourself, it is clear that this agency has perpetrated such chicanery for the express purpose of violating your Constitutional rights. The FBI has a history of attacking Americans in such ways while preventing them from circulating their own information. This is not law enforcement we are talking about here -- these are outright criminals.

I have even seen people being coerced by the FBI to lie through their teeth just to survive. That destroys any legitimate investigation that might have taken place, since the FBI's lies have contaminated such an investigation. And there is a big difference between investigating an American citizen, and perpetrating a criminal conspiracy in which to deny that citizen their Constitutional Rights -- something that the FBI has done to my Family and self for decades. Through its Draconion way of operating, the FBI has almost single handedly destroyed the Judicial process in this country.

Furthermore, the FBI was created to get around the laws in this country, which makes it a MISTAKE from its inception. And the fact that those of us who have been subjected to mind control experimentation are attempting to promulgate our information is only creating further problems for the bureau, since there are myriad others within this country who have unwittingly been subjected to the same forms of abuse. In their covert attacks against me I can safely say that the FBI has created a MESS for itself that is beyond anything else that it has done to date, setting a precedent in regard to the illegal spying of not only myself, but of every person with whom I have spoken in the past 27 years.

In one way or another, we have all been caught in the FBI's spider-like predatory web of COINTELPRO -- one which it has covertly woven over us as a nation.

The FEDS are the most abjectly EVIL people on this planet, who play by no rules -- they have made it abundantly clear that their law is the law of the jungle. That's fine if you're a gorilla -- not so if you are a federal police officer.

And even within the TI community, I have seen a trend where most of the members of these groups started out assuming that their harrasment was being orchestrated by communal groups of organized stalkers, only to arrive at the realization that it was the US Intelligence community's resumption of COINTELPRO in the modern day which is the catalyst behind these Nazi style attacks.

Should this come as a surprise to anyone given who the current President is?

The FBI is supposed to be fighting crimes in regard to legitimate terrorism -- not covertly taking part is such terrorism, by torturing people through its use of psychological warfare, and illegally spying on Americans within the privacy of own homes (while invading the privacy of our minds through the use of the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology).


No matter what the FBI does this time around they have gone too far. And the crimes that these agents have perpetrated are not only career ending, but also a real threat to the abolition of the agency itself.

THE FBI SHOULD BE ABOLISHED. It should never have been created. The same goes for the NSA.

And when the American people find out just how terrible the covert satellite spying in this country has become, and how it personally affects each of them, the US Intelligence community is going to experience the complete loss of what little credibility it has left. The same can be said for the US Congress who for the most part simply allows the FBI and the Justice Department to get away with their outrageous crimes.

I can already see the agents looking to curry favor with a furious American public, as they lay claim to being against the FBI and the crimes it was getting away with, but were too afraid to come forward as whistle blowers. This would be a convenient out for them, given that most Americans would look to charge these agents with treason -- a crime that is certainly applicable in regard to what the FBI, NSA and other members of US Intel have perpetrated against us.

These agencies are the enemy of the American people. And once Americans realize this, they will act in concert to put an end to what has become one of the greatest and most insidious frauds in US History -- an Intelligence community that has served the interests of itself and those of the Illuminati elite whom they report to -- not the American people!
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