Saturday, November 17, 2007

Video On Mind Control Cults & Their Exploitation Of The Human Mind

While the following video is kind of hokey, it does illustrate a number of ways in which mind control is used by cults. However, while one may look at this video and think that these "control traits" are limited to the types of conventional cults that we have been familiarized with through the media (AKA Charles Manson, Doomsday etc.), they will find many similarities with the dogmas of formalized religions.

And keep in mind that the Illuminati (satanists by nature) use agencies like the CIA and NSA to capitalize on religious belief systems so that they can exploit the beliefs of those who adopt these religions for their own belief systems. This is a global problem.

Imagine being a loyal parishioner to the Roman Catholic Church. You have a strong belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. And then an agency like the NSA uses its satellite based weapons to electronically access your mind while claiming to be Jesus Christ, telling you that Jesus wants you to do something for him -- perhaps even murdering someone for the good of human kind. If you are exposed to this manipulation for a long enough period of time, your love for Jesus will force you to follow this command, thinking that you're helping to do God's work. One can only imagine how many murders have taken place as a result of this type of cult "brainwashing." This was a primary component in the CIA's MKULTRA mind control experimentation, and continues in the modern day by way of US Intelligence's satellite based electronic warfare operations.

And these crimes are always done in which to give those perpetrating them a plausibly deniable way of doing so.

See the video here:
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