Sunday, November 18, 2007

The New American Drive-IN -- Watching Targeted Individuals Within The Privacy Of Our Own Homes By Way Of Closed Circuit TV

It would seem that this is how the communities in which TI's live now entertain themselves. As I have mentioned in the past, many other TI's have reported how these predators sit in their cars in the road just a few homes down from the TI's home, while watching them as they move about their homes. I experience this 24 hours a day, and know of myriad other TI's who also do. This was the FBI's way of getting back at me for learning of the COINTELPRO it has been waging against me and exposing it.

For this reason I will also on occasion go out to get the license plates of these cars, whose drivers usually race out of the neighborhood as soon as they figure out that I am taking my car out. Since these people are breaking the law by taking part in the crime of organized stalking, it is important to document their criminality; especially when one considers that the cops now only exist to aid and abet them. Then again, perhaps there are more 24 hour a day (all you can eat for free) donut shops opening up? However, I think that I'll play it safe and stay with my first suggestion.

It would appear that in the dark world of organized stalking the only rule is to not get caught doing so, since it's clearly illegal. Then again, so is spying on people within the privacy of their own homes. Yet that hasn't prevented the NSA from doing so for decades; Nazi refuse that they are.

The plates that I snagged this evening are all from NY State:

A late model Silver SUV whom I caught up to as he was quickly exiting the neighborhood: New York State Plate -- DPC-9059

An SUV that was ILLEGALLY parked in the road -- New York State Plate -- DUA-1191

And a neighbor of mine with a late model Buick sedan, who seems to have absolutely no problem with breaking the law (he even had the cajones to reverse his car as I was approaching) -- New York State Plate -- BRE-3740. Note that his car was parked at 18 Wenwood Drive. Meeting with the Nessani's-- long time perp's of this type of crime, perhaps to plan out tomorrow's organized stalking event?

Note that the Nessani's have taken part in the stalking campaign against me for the past three years -- and possibly even longer -- so I have NO compunction about posting their name here. They know that they are breaking the law (as are many other people in my neighborhood and underlying community, however continue to do so with reckless abandon. I would also not be surprised to learn that they are watching me from within the privacy of my own home by way of CC TV. Since these people clearly do not recognize the United States Constitution or my Family's and my 4TH Amendment right to privacy -- how could they being led around by Nazi agencies like the FBI and Homeland Security who despise the freedoms that this country once afforded us? -- their outrageous violations of our privacy need to be documented.

And I will continue to do so.

*Update -- on Tuesday 11/20/2007 I drove out to get the mail (it was raining). Instead of turning into the road, I waited for about 15 seconds to see if a vehicular organized stalker" would arrive -- and sure enough one -- being carried by a late model silver grey Jeep with its headlights on which was driven down to the other end of the neighborhood to make another stalking pass.

However I drove down to the other end of the neighborhood and messed up this stalker's timing. She was already turned around on Ivy Court and nearing the intersection of Wenwood Drive, as I passed heading on Wenwood towards the end of the neighborhood. On my return trip this stalker in the Jeep was now parked at the intersection of Wenwood and Ivy just waiting for me to pass so that they could jut out into the road to let me know they were there.

After the first 100 or so times of this, as a TI you eventually get used to it. This vehicular stalker became confused when I motioned to them to go ahead of me (of course so I could take their plate which is listed below). I have told these stalkers that if they continue to harass me I will take their plate numbers as I have in the past and did today. Stalk some people and they will call the cops. Stalk others and they will kill you. Stalk me and I will use my 1st Amendment right to document your criminal and abjectly cowardly activity and share it with the growing numbers of mind control/organized stalking victims around the globe.

Those taking part in these organized stalking crimes are violating my Constitutional rights (as well as those of many other TI's) and opening themselves up to some very serious trouble by doing so -- as they will find out in the future. And they should not expect the FEDS to get them out of this trouble, since as time goes by the FEDS are going to find themselves saddled with a myriad of their own problems (by way of further class action lawsuits being brought against them), which involve their own outrageous violations of the US Constitution and American civil liberties. In the future this "showdown" must happen and most assuredly will, the result of the precedent violations of both civil and human rights in the United States, under the color of law statutes.

License plate number of today's stalking perp: New York Plate -- CXC 9644 -- Late model silver/grey Jeep SUV

Back to Sunday night's blog:

I should also mention to all TI's being subjected to such atrocities, not to engage these people in a confrontation, since they have been told to harass us into doing so, and then calling the police if one takes place. They will also find other members of their stalking groups to swear that you were the one who started the confrontation. These parasites play a rigged game, so just get their plates and post them on the Internet as part of the campaign to expose these cretans for the NAZI trailer trash that they are.

And while you may not see your local cops or hear from them when you complain about being stalked, you can bet your last cent that they will be showing up if you respond aggressively to a confrontation -- to arrest you -- not those who attacked you. Especially when these cops are taking part in the street theatre aspect of these psywarfare operations. TI's are now being targeted like other forms of activists by the FBI, for Operation Backfire type COINTELPRO's; a clear indication of the abject police state that awaits the American middle/lower classes in the future.

The real irony here is that even if they murdered every TI in existence, they would quickly find reasons to single out new people to attack. The types of stalking attacks that we are documenting are indicative of a very powerful and serious addiction. And these miscreants will -- like the mainline dope addict -- find plausible reasons in which to feed their habit-- thanks in large part to the "control freak" mentality propagated by the Jesuit/Illuminati run US Intelligence community. And if they ran out of TI's, they would soon turn on one another -- poetic justice.

At least one can be sympathetic to the dope addict who is not attempting to be cruel, but simply dealing with their physical dependence on a drug. However there is no excuse for the FEDS or the groups of organized stalkers whom they have "CREATED." They are all "PREDATORS."

So at least for the time being, we can forget the Constitutional rule of law in this country, because George W. Bush has destroyed what was left of it the minute this covert dictator signed the new US Constitution -- The Fascist Patriot Act. From now on it's every man and woman for themselves.

And the situation is going to get a lot darker in the coming few years, when the American people are forced to fight back to defend themselves and their freedoms -- from a very real Fascist threat that has emerged within the United States.

Your only recourse is to reeducate yourselves as quickly as you can in regard to the true history of this country and those who quietly run it -- the Jesuit controlled Freemasonry -- of which the entire hierarchy is made up of members of the Illuminati.

Think of this education as the one that you should have gotten the first time around -- but were prevented from doing so by the Rockfeller (real name Rothafel) Foundation.

As for the TI community, there is a lot of tension brewing there as well. So it's better just to document your information and hope that this community can withstand the considerable infiltration by a covert Federal presence; one which is working diligently to dismantle our efforts to expose these crimes.

How can you recognize one? Check out this article on "John The JERK," by Greg Palast. While this account may apply to business and politics in particular, the principle behind running a con is always the same -- convince the mark(s) that you are legitimate without putting yourself at risk. The FBI's COINTELPRO's are outright CONS, and when done right are the most effective ever perpetrated.

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