Monday, November 19, 2007

The People On This Planet Are Being Microchipped By Way Of Nanotechnology Which We Breathe In -- Hi-Tech Particles Which Are Deployed By CHEMTRAILS

The following is an excellent article regarding how CHEMTRAILS are being used to spray nanosized electronic particles into the air that we breathe, which are effectively attaching themselves to the insides of our bodies.

This means that even if the Illuminati fail in their quest to force every person in the United States to carry an RFID chipped ID card with them at all times once they leave their homes (Research the Real ID Act of 2005),they may well be implanted with RFID chips by way of inhaling them through CHEMTRAILS. Who knows what else the US Federal Government is including in these sprayings?

Preston Nichols of Montalk Project notoriety, has stated that Lyme Disease is now being sprayed into the atmosphere by way of CHEMTRAILS. If this is the case, all Americans may now be poisoned by way of this biological weapon. Until now Lyme Disease has always been passed by way of physical transmission. If it has indeed been made into an aerosol, than the entire global population risks infection depending which way the wind is blowing when the spraying is occurring. And there is also the issue of how many strains of Lyme have been incorporated into this spraying. To date their are roughly 300 strains formerly identified, and myriad more which have never been. The stage is set here for an epidemiological time bomb to occur.

And there is also the concern of a new infectious disease known simply as Morgellons, which also appears to be circulated by way of CHEMTRAILS; one which is being completely ignored by the Centers For Disease Control and National Institutes Of Health. One can only hazard a guess as to how many other biological, chemical and electronic weapons may be circulating within the air we breathe in the present day.

The author of the following article, a Texas woman by the name of Carolyn Williams Palit, is not only targeted by way of directed energy weapons, but also writes about them (as well as the deleterious effects that they have on her and many other TI's). She is easily one of the most knowledgeable people whom you will find on this subject (as well as many other important ones) and does a fine job of taking some very sophisticated technology and explaining it in terms that virtually everyone can understand. The following article and her Website -- which is listed beneath it -- are highly recommended to anyone wishing to learn more about this monstrous technological threat to the human race.

CHEMTRAILS -- The Short Scoop -- A Work In Progress:

Carolyn Williams Palit's Website on Electronic Warfare:
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