Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Pertinent Articles On The Use Of Satellites For Electronic Surveillance & Domestic Spying

While these two articles don't address the extreme violations to privacy that the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology represents to the American people (and the rest of the global population), at least they are making the public more aware of the electronic menace that these spy satellites represent to their personal freedom. At the present time, there is no Website on the Internet which more comprehensively documents these outrageous electronic violations to such privacy (including that of our own minds) than:


Domestic Spy Satellite Program Halted on Privacy Fears
By Walaika Haskins TechNewsWorld 10/02/07 3:23 PM PT

A program designed to provide emergency response, border control and law enforcement organizations with information gleaned from spy satellites has been put on hold due to questions concerning privacy. Proponents of the program say it could help save lives, but some critics have a lot of questions they want answered before spy satellites are pointed at Americans.

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RFID Tech Misunderstood in Privacy Debates Monday - October 22, 2007
As radio frequency identification technology becomes more pervasive and sophisticated, the debate over how it is being used continues. Many of the worries surrounding RFID use, however, are either unsubstantiated or can be mitigated, according to "Playing Tag: An RFID Primer," a recent study conducted by the Pacific Research Institute, a free market organization in San Francisco. Part of the controversy, the study contends, is due to the negative publicity surrounding the technology's major proponents -- retail giant Wal-Mart and the U.S. Department of Defense. [More...]

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